a new chapter starting with airports and bondi beach

a new chapter starting with airports and bondi beach

At the beginning of August, my dream to start traveling the world started to turn into reality. I want to use my blog to share all my experiences, stories and learnings I make on this earth with you. For me, it’s a way to create some kind of a souvenir or memory for this special time of my life. Moreover, it also reminds me every single day during this journey to do my best to be present and grateful. I also think that we all can get something unique for ourselves by reading the stories of other human beings. We want to know more, we want to learn more and question more. We all can learn something from each other. There are just as many different realities as life on this earth, that’s why I love reading, listening to podcasts, interviews and the written thoughts of other human beings. With my ‘365 grateful travel days’ projects, I now want to start sharing my journey in the most raw and vulnerable way possible. Let’s start growing from each other’s perceptions of reality.

DAY 1 – three different airports – I am grateful for the last confused highs with my friend at the airport and for every hug in general. I feel like the decision to travel the world is exactly what is right for me now. I am grateful for tears in the airplane because I was overwhelmed by feelings. For two minutes I forgot all that shame and and pain for myself because of the last weeks. Instead my heart was filled with deep and true unconditional love and acceptance for myself. I am grateful for being able to enjoy the view out of the window over the clouds. I am grateful for the coolest, minimalistic backpack and way to many matcha soy lattes. I am grateful for art and the new experience of Indian airlines. Did you know that they play Indian music in Indian planes? And even on the seats there are Indian symbols and there are hanging pictures of Indian flowers on the wall. I am grateful for the flight calming me down. I mindfully enjoyed the fist plane food of my life. How cool it is, that you can just spontaneously say that you want the vegan food, and than they give you a menu just made out of plants. It makes me realize that there is a chance for our earth to change. I am grateful for actually liking the planefood witch was made out of rice, veggies, tomato sauce, salad, fruits and rye bread. Also I am grateful for all the snacks they offered me afterwards. I love crackers, peanuts and tomato juice. I am grateful for the stop at the airport of Delhi. So basically I was able to spend a few hours in india. I am grateful for the feeling of trust. Trusting that everything is okay, even though all the mixed emotions and doubts, and all self hate and shame the last days. Blessed by that beautiful feeling I took the next plane, which was going to take me toSydney within the next 11 hours.

DAY 2 – arriving in sydney and emotions mixed up with realizations – I am grateful for letting every single emotion be. I decided to not run away from it or compensate. I am grateful for the lovely conversation with the two Indian man in the plane. During the flight I am grateful for the possibility to stretch my mind by reading and watching movies. I watched ‚king of lions‘ and this classical movie just filled my heart with love. We were able to watch the most beautiful sunrise when the plane arrived at the airport in Sydney. The sky was filled with magical colors and made me realize what a miracle the universe is. I am grateful for all the excitement and the present train and bus rides to Bondi Beach afterwards. I just stared outside of the window like a child when it drives in a car for the first time. I am grateful for all the friendly people helping be when I was so confused because of all the new impressions. All those changes and new impressions made me realize something really important. I am creating my life with my own head every day. The way I look on the situation creates my life. I am grateful for all these lessons and the understandings. I let all my feelings be without letting it take control over myself. I am not my thoughts, I have thoughts you know, we all have. I honored my sensibility and anxiety and dealed with it in the loveliest way. With every step I see my so called problems as a chance to grow, and play lovely with them to become better in the game called life. I already organized some things, even if there is still so much to do. I am proud to have listened to my body. I am sure that the decision to take the courage to use the possibility to travel the world was a beautiful one. That decision challenged me in so many ways today, this arrival day was a rollercoaster of the most different thoughts, making me realize that thoughts truly are just thoughts. Traveling takes every identity of my ego. Sometimes that’s simply feels amazing, and sometimes, like today, it hurts in such a beautiful way that I can already feel how much I am growing through it.

DAY 3 – the first real day and a really new mindset – I am grateful for deciding to create the 365 days of gratitude journal here, I will always be able to look back on these incredible happy days of growth. Today I had the most beautiful day, filled with so much freedom that even thinking about it now brings tears of happiness into my life. I am grateful for so much presence. I decided to look at everything that happened as a chance to handle it in the most beautiful way. I, myself am the creator of my happiness every day, everything I need is already within myself and I will never find it outside of myself. I knew it for so long, but past year I wasn’t always able to understand it. It’s crazy how changing your place of being can make you realize that. I am just diving into a journey of understanding that nothing in the outside world can give me what is already inside of me. I am grateful for running along the coast in the morning, for mindful showers afterwards and feeling so clean again. I am grateful for all the hours I happily spent exploring the world from Bondi Beach to Sydneys Center. I am grateful for feeling like I was dancing with every single step I took. That’s what overflowing happiness of just being feels like. I am grateful for seeing all the cool Cafés and birds and trees along the way. I feel so connected to everything around me, even for every human who crossed my way today, I was just feeling pure love. I am grateful for conversations with strangers. I am even grateful for the lost charger of my beloved camera, because of that I wasn’t able to take pictures and was even more present. I don’t even stress about it, I just calm down, I will be able to take pictures again, maybe even tomorrow. I learn to stop worrying about things, if it’s time or just in general. I learn to love every unique moment exactly for what it is. I am grateful for enjoying silence more than I ever did before. Everything just felt so whole just the way it was, there was no need to add music or a nice podcast. I am grateful for a new Leggings that keeps my legs warm during the current winter in Sydney. I even had a moment full of deep gratitude for my legs, my legs that allow me to walk around and discover this wonderful earth. I am grateful for feeling so grounded, so happy and fulfilled just being with myself, that’s what happens when you truly understand that everything is connected and that everything is love. Life is such a miracle. I am grateful for visiting the harbor bridge and the opera house. I am grateful for walks through a botanic garden, for seeing a part of Sydneys shopping malls for the first time. I am grateful for discovering the most cozy Starbucks in the Center that is open until midnight almost every day. It’s a perfect place to spend evenings creating and writing my friends and family. I am grateful for enjoying the cool vegan food at the organic store and even at the supermarket or just anywhere. I enjoyed every bite of Clip Bar’s Protein Bars, Rice crackers and blueberry bagels. I already know that my intuitive decision to travel the world probably was the best one I ever made, just as going vegan more than three years ago. This decision makes me learn to trust myself again. I already can imagine myself traveling not only for one, but two years. I feel more home within myself and the world than ever before and I want to see every part of this earth.

DAY 4 – first times of yin yoga and a real acai bowl – I ran along the beautiful coast this morning. It felt like meditation, it probably was. I am grateful for realizing how much I can change my mood, mindfulness truly is key. I am grateful for written messages and voice messages with my lovely friends. I am grateful for getting my camera working again, I can’t wait for the first photos to share. Taking photos is one of my beautiful expressions of creativity. It makes me so incredible happy. Even when at the moment I am just so overwhelmed by the beginning of my travel journey that I am just experiencing and living everything to the fullest. I know I will go back to creating when the time is right, but right now I just want to create the most beautiful days on this planet. I am grateful for learning to push myself in such a healthy way, for letting go of every definition and just be so present. I listen to my body and I honor it. It is something I never thought to be something that would be possible, it’s just a miracle how everything can change when you simply change your place of being on the planet. I am grateful for every conversation and for smiling at almost every changer. I am grateful for my first real Acaibowl at the popular Speedos Café at Bondi Beach. It was such a happy moment when they made me my food and I just new that this is one of these moments that I will always remember, since I was dreaming about my first Acaibowl experience for so long. That sounds dramatic but I seriously was so present at that moment that it almost made me cry. I am the most at peace with myself I have ever been and just one week ago this state of being was completely out of my imagination. I am grateful for trying coke with a hint of orange flavour, and all the unique food products, every single country offers in general. I am grateful to be able to read the most beautiful books written by Michael Singer and Eckhart Tolle, teaching me so much I have to learn. I love my new mindset, just waking up calm with deep gratitude, letting go of every expectation, of everything. I see every day now as a precious gift full of lessons of life I can choose to learn. I am grateful to took time to write in the sun after enjoying my lunch. I am grateful to not only see all these unique people around me, but also see such a beautiful cat and the most colorful birds. I am grateful for seeing a nice guy next to me creating the most beautiful skateboards, just for the simple joy of it – and even more happy that I challenged myself and took the courage to him if I could take a picture of him. In the afternoon I got pretty tired and I am proud of myself to still do my best to stay present. My first Yin Yoga class that evening was just what I needed to calm down. My goal to do Yoga regularly seems to just turn into reality: I bought a Yoga membership at such a beautiful studio for one month in Bondi Beach. So I will try to visit as many classes as possible – I mean, I dream of becoming a Yoga teacher one day. Even though I feel tired, I still feel like I always should be doing more. But instead of spending the late evening in the city after the Yoga class, I decided to listen to my body and stay at Bondi Beach. There is no rush and it’s a beautiful thing. I discovered new streets of Bondi Beach and found nice places that would be just perfect for me to work. Then I visited the cutest mixture of a bookshop and a coffee place I have ever seen. I took a coffee with me to my Hostel and enjoyed every sip of it. Now I am just spending my evening in the Hostel, writing, organizing the things to hopefully get a job soon. I plan on going to bed earlier today to feel on top of everything tomorrow and ready to run along the coast and spend the day discovering the City another day and taking beautiful pictures. Even though my Hostel is far from perfect, it’s crazy how I made peace with the situation and just accepted is as a new lesson of life. I mean, it’s the first time experiencing what’s it’s like to live in a Hostel, and all this is just temporary, I won’t live in Hostels for the rest of my life. It makes me find my home not in a certain place, but within myself and the whole world. Another plus is that I am saving money that I can spend on enjoying all the special food here, until I will become serious about saving up to turn my travel imaginations into reality.

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  1. 11. August 2018 / 11:07

    Einfach der Wahnsinn, dass du jetzt schon am anderen Ende der Erde bist wo du doch gerade erst von deinen Plänen berichtet hast! Wirklich cool 🙂
    Ich bin schon so so gespannt und deine Worte machen die Aufregung noch stärker!
    Genieß es <3

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