sydney explorations and learning to trust myself

sydney explorations and learning to trust myself

At the beginning of August, my dream to start traveling the world started to turn into reality. I want to use my blog to share all my experiences, stories and learnings I make on this earth with you. For me, it’s a way to create some kind of a souvenir or memory for this special time of my life. Moreover, it also reminds me every single day during this journey to do my best to be present and grateful. I also think that we all can get something unique for ourselves by reading the stories of other human beings. We want to know more, we want to learn more and question more. We all can learn something from each other. There are just as many different realities as life on this earth, that’s why I love reading, listening to podcasts, interviews and the written thoughts of other human beings. With my ‘365 grateful travel days’ projects, I now want to start sharing my journey in the most raw and vulnerable way possible. Let’s start growing from each other’s perceptions of reality.

DAY 5 – surrey hills explorations and lessons of life – Today was some kind of city exploration day. A day full of lessons from life. I am grateful for sleeping in this morning, and feeling so well rested after eight hours of sleep. At home I usually was all or nothing. During the last year of school I even felt guilty when I slept more than six hours a night, I constantly forced myself to do things. In the back of my head I wasn’t enough for myself the way I am, and I am still on a journey to work on that. Then after school I completely fell into the other extreme and I barely got out of bed at all, not sawing any reason why I should get up in the morning. I am grateful for everyone in the Hostel room being in such a good mood in the morning. It’s such a beautiful thing to realize how everything in life has it’s own benefits. If I wouldn’t live in a room with five other people I probably would have more time to create. But also starting and finishing the day together with other people is just fun. At the moment I am basically spending most of the day exploring and creating life experiences by myself, so being with others as a balance is just nice. It sounds crazy but my mind used to drive me crazy about little things like that, but now I remember myself that everything is just temporary. When I will find a job and be in communication with others all day long, maybe I want to have more time for myself to create, cook, and do all the other fun things, I can simply create a new reality when I desire it. I can just calm down and enjoy the now. Traveling and being out in this world is teaching me so much right now. I realize that I am truly creating my life. I am grateful for exploring unknown spots of Sydney while running in the morning. I listened to all the amazing songs of the birds, they sound so different than the birds in Germany. I am grateful for enjoying the time in the train driving to the Center, just looking outside the window, soaking up all those impressions. Again I am grateful for all those kind people around, offering me their help without even asking for. I am grateful for experiencing Sydney in the daylight today and visiting Surrey Hills – a place people tell to be the ‚Prenzlberg‘ of the city. It’s amazing to see how much big cities influence my being, I am actually more sentensive then I thought. So I am grateful for life showing me that living a bit more out of the center seems to be the best for me, luckily I chose Bondi Beach as my first destination. I am grateful for eating brown rice sushi and just walking around the streets. Actually I wanted to visit the Newtown to enjoy a vegan ice-cream at the popular place ‚Gelato Blue‘, but when my phone died I decided to just keep strolling a bit through the Surrey Hill streets and then make my way to my new, cozy, favorite Starbucks. It’s still so new to me to really listen to my body and not constantly pushing myself to ‚do more‘ than I actually enjoy. I am grateful to have as much time in Sydney as I need to do all the things I want to do with joy, pushing through them is not my goal – mindful experience is. I am grateful for my big soy latte, it even tastes better than the soy latte in germany. I am grateful for my sister telling me how much she misses me, and then feeling how much I miss her too. It makes me realize how much I love her. I am already excited for my plans tomorrow. Probably a short run in the morning, followed by a Yoga class and spending the day connecting with my creativity by mindfully exploring unknown coasts. Today taught me how important balance is to me. I tend to either want to be outside all day, running, exploring, seeing the world until I don’t enjoy it anymore. Or I just completely turn inside and read, paint, go for walks in nature, write and cook. Both of it is beautiful in its own way. But I know want to simply do both of it balanced at the same day – Spending my days peacefully with myself and create, but also enjoy the beautiful privilege of making new experiences that inspire myself. I am grateful for this day to teach me the wonderful importance of balance and making me realize how I am truly able to connect with my true self and the raw beauty of life. For me, the key is unconditional self love and gratitude for the life I’ve been given. By letting my mind be my mind I learn to step into my creative power, realizing that it truly is all up to myself. Thank you. 

DAY 6 – two yoga classes, mindful coastal walks and the best vegan ice cream place – Today was just a beautiful day spent exploring Sydney and again learning so much about myself. I am grateful for waking up super energized in the morning, even though I got less than four hours of sleep. I was just so happy about having so many hours of sunshine in front of me. At first I went for a jog along the streets of Sydney for an hour. Then I planned to go to a yoga class at 9 am. When I arrived two minutes too late the door was already closed. So I decided to just walk around Bondi a little bit, take pictures and just go for the next yoga class at 10:30. I am so grateful for the decision to finally start doing it regular. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do so many cool things with your body. The yoga class was simply amazing. I never was so present during a yoga class than this time. It was pure magic. I enjoyed the Post Yoga bliss afterwards and told the Yoga teacher afterwards about how much I loved the class. The effect of Yoga is a miraculous gift for our earth. After talking to my roommates for some time, I went for a coastal walk. I was so mindful during the walk that I was so inspired by just looking at the waves and all the beautiful beaches. I can’t even realize yet how much beauty I experienced today. I am grateful to push myself to film what I did today in order to create my first youtube video. That was one of the things I always wanted to try. And now I am just doing it. I am grateful for reading such wise words, sitting down on rocks and becoming one with my surroundings. On my way back I even saw whales in the ocean. After my incredible coastal walk I even went to a second yoga class that day. Honestly I wasn’t as present as before, but it still was great to work on improving my body’s flexibility. I’m just gonna enjoy this yoga membership to the fullest. Afterwards I was strolling through the streets of Bondi. At a shop which sold clothes I met the kindest woman. She is also doing Yoga classes and just gave me a free ticket to enter one. The clothes were just so pretty that I almost bought a cozy sweater – but luckily I resisted – the time for a new sweater will come. I am grateful for meeting new people and making plans with my hostel roommates. After relaxing a little bit in the Hostel, I made my way to this special vegan ice cream place called ‚gelato blue‘. I was simply blown away by all the flavors. I am grateful for enjoying 3 big scoops of icecream. This world is truly waking up. I am just so grateful for all the experiences I was able to make to today, I am overflowing and I am not able to realize what a blessing it is to experience life with everything. It is not just about being at a pretty place, it is about myself being able to change my whole mindset on the way I look at this earth and myself. There is so much I have to unlearn. It is all about love. Every tree, every wave, every human being, every bird – We are one. I am just so happy about it that I can’t wait to write my applications to get a cool job now and cut my first youtube video ever afterwards. I am grateful for such nice people at the supermarket, voice messages with my friends. I am grateful for feeling as a part of this whole city, of our whole world, with everything. I am grateful for learning to trust into myself and my unique way again. I am grateful for enjoying every bite of my delicious dinner by dreaming about the beauty of life. I can’t wait for all the experiences and lessons tomorrow will bring. I probably will remember this day forever.

DAY 7 – getting my first job and my RSA – So today I was kind of thrown into the day. I slept in and had to leave right away for a job interview. Nevertheless, I am grateful for enjoying a hot shower before I left and using the circumstances to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am grateful for reading in the train and even arriving a few minutes earlier than planned at the office. I am grateful to have my first full-time job here in Sydney now, I can already start in two days. This job is an opportunity for new experiences for me. It’s a sales shops for HelloFresh. I basically have to knock on peoples door and convince them to sign up for it.  At first I wanted to work as a waitress or barista, but since I have never done a sales job before so I am sure that it will be a great opportunity to learn and grow. I am grateful for the nice things, the person I had the interview with, said to me. Afterward, I went to another office in Sydney to sign up for a RSA. It’s a course about alcohol which you have to do in order to be able to work as a barkeeper or waitress in Sydney. I thought that it would be the best to already get it done when I will get another job later. Luckily I was able to do the course that afternoon. I didn’t plan on doing that since on the website they wrote that it would take a few days. I was so happy about being able to get it done today. I even had about an hour to spend in the city before. I am grateful for exploring new streets of Sydney, talking to new people and treating myself with another Starbucks Latte. The hours at the air were kind of low key and reminded me of school way too much. I could almost see myself falling back into old mindsets. I am grateful for watching this and being aware of it, making me realize how much things they are to come in touch with and heal. Afterwards I enjoyed my dinner. I realized once again what a great impact running and doing yoga has on my life. After that unplanned restday today I am grateful for making it charge my batteries and be even more happy about starting my day tomorrow with a long run, followed by a yoga class.

DAY 8 – a new job orientation and learning to relax – I am grateful for new intentions. For new things coming up. For getting up in the morning and discover a new, beautiful way to run. With every run, I see so much beautiful nature These morning runs here in Sydney become such a passion of mine and are just the perfect ‚me Time‘ right now. I am grateful for meeting new people at the job orientation. I am happy about all the new challenges my new job offers me. The manager taught us a lot today, and I am sure that I can benefit from all the knowledge in future. I decided to go buy that sweater I saw a few days ago when I have the money for it. Also, I will move into my own home here in Bondi for the next months when I will find the time for it. I am happy to be able to not stress over it, to be present and to learn how to just relax instead of driving myself crazy. I am already excited for the day tomorrow. I am grateful to learning to trust myself every day a little bit more. This day showed me again how far I’ve come and how good I am doing at dealing with situations that stress me out. Instead of negative self talk and taking everything to an extreme I am now just able to separate myself from my mind and just calm myself down. It’s such a wonder that it works. Whenever my mind challenges me, I do my best to change the game and see myself as the mastermind. I decided to make my life itself the most beautiful piece of art – with mindfulness in every breath. And even though I wasn’t in the best mood today, I am still grateful for all the people being so nice to me, and for ending the day laughing until I cried with the other people in the Hostel.

DAY 9 – upcoming changes and a first and last working day – I am grateful for waking up with new intentions, coming to me like they are magic. I am grateful for moving on with my plan of finding my own place to live and create here in Bondi Beach right now. Every day, I fall a little bit more in love with that beautiful place where I suddenly ended up. I plan to stay here for a few months to work, enjoy life and keep moving forward in my journey of loving myself unconditionally. I am grateful for a lovely morning run. Yesterday was actually the first day of my first job here in Sydney. Even though I decided afterwards that I won’t do it, I am truly grateful for that experience. Basicially, I planned to work at HelloFresh to do Sales. That means that I would have gone to the city every day to meet up with other people. We all would drive with a van to different areas around Sydney to knock on peoples doors and sell them the products. I was sure that even though it is not my dream job, it would be a good experience and I would benefit so much by spending the day talking to other human beings in English while learning to sell them products. But honestly, after waking up that morning, I already knew that something was wrong. I completely felt like I was in the wrong place. While we all were driving to the area in the big van, it hit me quite hard. HelloFresh delivers food with different recipes, so people can create their own meal. While that idea is actually really good, almost every meal contains meat. I never thought that I would be so sensitive when it comes to that topic, but probably I suppressed a lot of my emotions and feeling in Germany, compensating them with constantly doing things or eating. The thought, that I convince people to eat a meal for that a living being had to suffer that much made me cry. Probably these people would eat meat anyways, nevertheless it still felt completely wrong. I thought about all the things that are going wrong on our planet and it made me so sad. I still pushed through that first day and did my best. I enjoyed the amazing forest I’ve never seen before in our area. I saw so many colorful bird, and also such a beautiful white one I once saw In a book about pets I read when I was a little child. In the van back home, I chatted with all the other people, got a little bit drunk for the first time in ages and just enjoyed that car drive back to the big city lights of Sydney so much. Even though I was a emotional rollercoaster, I experienced the whole day from such another perspective. It was one of the most beautiful feelings I’ve ever had. I am grateful for delicious almond milk, veggie sushi, cuddling cats on the street and talks in the Hostel when I was back home. I feel like I am healing every day. Before sleep, I wrote some applications for other jobs and messages to people that possibly would share a flat with me. I am grateful for letting go, for finding home within, for loving myself, for challenges, for all the present moments, and for trusting my intuition at the end of the day. I love my life.

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  1. 20. August 2018 / 18:06

    Das hört sich ja mal wieder nach einer sehr aufregenden Zeit an!
    Wo wohnst du denn gerade in Sydney? und wird noch ein Post mit deinen liebsten Orten kommen? 🙂 Vielleicht auch ein paar Tipps wo man gut gesund Essen kann 🙂 Wie ist es überhaupt mit dem gesund essen? Schaffst du das gut, ohne unheimlich viel Geld dafür auszugeben? 🙂

    Liebste Grüße und viel Glück bei der Jobsuche! 🙂

    • 20. August 2018 / 18:12

      hey, ich habe jetzt die ersten 10 tage in einem hostel am bondi beach gewohnt was auch wirklich cool war. um mehr privatsphäre zu haben bin ich jetzt aber erstmal zu einer mutter und ihrem 7 jährigen sohn gezogen. da habe ich ein eigenes zimmer 🙂
      morgen habe ich den probearbeitstag in einer smoothiebar und ich hoffe dass es was wird.. ich gebe leider unglaublich viel geld für essen aus, das muss sich dringend ändern!! gerade gestern hab ich es auf einem veganen markt echt übertrieben.. naja aber eigentlich habe ich total viele postideen, ich finde momentan einfach kaum den kopf dafür sie umzusetzen.. 🙂 aber es kommt alles noch !!
      liebste grüße ❤️

  2. 22. August 2018 / 08:47

    Liebe Lea,
    Das hört sich alles so cool an!! Ich wünschte ich könnte soetwas auch machen.
    Viel Glück bei deiner Job Suche. 🙂 Konntest du dich bereits mit ein paar Leuten in deinem Alter anfreunden?

    Liebe Grüsse,
    Sarah Marie von

  3. 23. August 2018 / 10:46

    Hört sich ganz danach an als hättest du bereits einen sehr guten Start in dein Reiseabenteuer gehabt!
    Das mit dem Kurs für Alkohol hört sich ja interessant an… das man so was machen muss!
    Und schön, dass du auch gleich einen Job bekommen hast!

  4. 25. August 2018 / 09:41

    Wow was für ein toller Bericht, das kann man auch wirklich mal Bericht nennen! *-*
    Ich bin sehr neidisch, ich wäre auch gerne wieder unterwegs, und wenn es nur für 10 Tage wäre. Aber alles zu seiner Zeit!

    Ich freue mich auf weitere Posts und wünsche dir noch eine tolle Zeit!

    Lieeb Grüßchen
    Lisa Marie

  5. 25. August 2018 / 18:10

    Hallo meine Liebe 😉

    was für wunderschöne Impressionen aus Sydney…dorthin würde ich auch so gerne mal reisen;-*

    Hab ein tolles Wochenende:-*
    Liebe Grüße

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