first ubud adventures and getting a bali belly

first ubud adventures and getting a bali belly

At the beginning of August, my dream to start traveling the world started to turn into reality. I want to use my blog to share all my experiences, stories and learnings I make on this earth with you. For me, it’s a way to create some kind of a souvenir or memory for this special time of my life. Moreover, it also reminds me every single day during this journey to do my best to be present and grateful. I also think that we all can get something unique for ourselves by reading the stories of other human beings. We want to know more, we want to learn more and question more. We all can learn something from each other. There are just as many different realities as life on this earth, that’s why I love reading, listening to podcasts, interviews and the written thoughts of other human beings. With my ‘365 grateful travel days’ projects, I now want to start sharing my journey in the most raw and vulnerable way possible. Let’s start growing from each other’s perceptions of reality.

DAY ONE OF UBUD / BALI – exploring hidden rice fields and buying my own yoga mat – After falling into bed after a crazy taxi drive to my homestay and a long flight taking me from Sydney to Bali – I woke up in Ubud today, a place in the middle of the little paradise island , no ocean, but wonderful rainforest all around. I decided to wake up with an open heart filled with gratitude. I took the first cold shower of my life. I am grateful for all the lessons and all the miracles hidden in the streets and forests of this Island. I am grateful for choosing to forgive myself and to be completely free. I am so grateful to have one month on this island to discover everything including myself. This islands hides so many secrets for me. There are so many beautiful things I can do. I already dream of early morning walks while watching the sunrise, until my leg heals and I can go for my beloved, early morning runs. I am grateful for so much space to do Yoga, I already want to finally buy my own Yoga mat today. I am grateful for all the temples, all the nature and all the beautiful waterfalls I can explore. I choose to experience life in a completely new way – unconditional and full of love following my freedom. I am grateful to spend this month completely on my own – I am ready for all the feelings and emotions that will come up. All in one, I am grateful to be the co-creator of my life. To choose how I want to feel. To choose which thoughts I give attention. There is so much I have to learn, and no matter how deep I fall, I promise myself that I will always get up and make the decision to follow my true self again. It’s all about yourself. That’s why I woke up in Bali today, ready to explore everything with an open heart filled with gratitude and soak up as much as I can. After a creative morning of finishing my blogpost and lots of stretching I just walked right into the Ubud center. I spend hours experiencing the tropical climate, looking at rice fields, buying my own coconut bowl, walking through the small streets of Ubud, cuddling cats and smiling at all the people in Ubud. I tried to ignore the fact that I lost my credit card and I basically had no money left. I am completely blown away by that different culture and the different way of living. Luckily, after some hours the taxi driver called me and told me that he found my credit card in his car. So right now, I am waiting for him at the Starbucks of Ubud I just discovered. After that, I walked through the streets of Ubud, I bought the most beautiful yoga mat, did a thirty minute flow, sang to my favorite music and decided that I will definitely emigrate to Australia next year. I texted my friends, gave myself all the love and ate the most delicious raw vegan coffee ice cream. After a evening coffee and a evening shower I am grateful for this beautiful day and just so ready for sleep and a new, exciting day tomorrow.

DAY TWO OF UBUD / BALI – balinese massages, visiting the monkey forest and a exciting bicycle trip to the waterfalls – This morning, I woke up before 6 am to the sunrise and all the singing birds outside. I breathed deeply and did my own yoga before editing all the Bali pictures. I enjoyed every sip of my black coffee and water. I ate delicious papaya, pineapple and watermelon with lime. After that, I wanted to rent my own bicycle to go on an adventure today. A kind balinese man brang me to the place where I can rent a bicycle and it was my first experience of driving on a motorbike. It was so much fun. I went to another place to get money from my credit card and finally bought a new make up remover. I realize how everything, truly everything I need is within myself once again. We always seek outside for fulfillment, but we can find all love, creativity and passions within. I am so grateful to be able to take this month to reflect my way of experiencing this life, to slow down and to simply be with myself. Right now, all I want to do is to create and manifest my unique experiences of this life on planet earth and all the inspiration that comes with it in the most beautiful ways. I spend my time ordering the sweet green gold called matcha soy latte several times and enjoyed every sip of it. I walked along the busy roads of Ubud and breathed in the tropical air before treating myself with a balinese massage. Afterwards, I couldn’t resist visiting the monkey forest and taking a picture with a monkey. While getting lost afterwards in the small side ways of Ubud, I met a German woman that got lost as well and we walked around together and talked about all the beautiful places of Bali we want to visit. I am grateful for her giving me so many tipps what I could do. Later I had a little lunch of young coconuts, the first pink dragonfruit of my life and a lot of green tea at the watercress café, a place I heard about so much before. These days, I feel like everything I see is art. Everything – every fruit, the bitter taste of coffee, every step, every sip of my oceanblue cup of tea seems to be art. It’s so wonderful what a beautiful reality you can create for yourself when you make the decision to be whole within yourself without any conditions – to decide to be enough for yourself. Usually, I take so much joy out of my daily exercise to have a happy experience of that day, but since I heart my foot, I decided to try to find happiness without that rush of endorphins. I am grateful for that decision and even more grateful to see that a day without exercising can turn out to be a happy day that is full of art, too. It is all about your mindset and it’s all your choice. Maybe with dancing endorphins within your body it is easier to be full of love all day long – but even without you can choose to be that as well. Unconditional happiness is the best spiritual practice you can do. It raises your vibration when you focus on all the beautiful things in life and let go of everything else. Seriously, how could I not be happy? Traveling teaches me so much every day. Later I went back to my homestay and just wrote some lines about a topic that suddenly came to my mind – maybe I’ll create a blogpost out of it. The last hour of sunlight that day sat on the bicycle which I borrowed that morning and just cycled through all the unknown busy streets of Bali. I had no sense of orientation and listened to podcasts to make me feel home and that crazy experience a little less scary. After an hour of cycling, I ended up spotting some advertisement for a waterfall in two kilometers. I cycled there to see the waterfall. I wanted to pay with my card because I ran out of cash, but since they only take cash, they let me see that beautiful waterfall for free. I am so grateful for that. I just sat down after taking some pictures and filming and watched the waterfall. Later I started talking with all the balinese men who work at the waterfall. We laughed so much and I taught them some German words. They were so kind and I was just so overwhelmed by that experience. They even showed me half of the way back to Ubud by coming with me with their motorbike. It was so wonderful to see that there are people on this planet who care about you even though they don’t know you. Luckily I made the second half of the way back to Ubud too and I arrived filled with gratitude. I texted my friend before the woman that sold me the Yoga mat the day before came to give me a massage. We talked so much about Bali and she said that I am a part of her family now. She called me sister and she wants me to get to know her community and all their special ceremonies. Hearing about the life of the woman, I realized how grateful I can be to have the opportunity to travel – it is such a privilege. For the next day, we planned that her husband will bring me to Canggu with a motorbike. At the end of the day, I was just so blown away by the fact that people I barely know care so much about me.

DAY 3 IN BALI / UBUD – getting a bali belly, passing out on a motorbike and the most caring people I’ve ever met – That morning I woke up without any energy. I thought that I need food and ate some fruit again but it didn’t help. I wasn’t even able to do yoga. I went to the busy streets of Ubud to buy some more food and ended up with papaya, watermelon and a green detox smoothie. I felt worse and worse every minute and every few steps I had to lay down. A few minutes later I had to vomit several times. All I wanted was a motorbike back to my homestay. On the motorbike, all I saw was black and a few seconds later I got unconscious and fell from the motorbike on the street. A kind woman took care of me. She helped me to go to a medical centre and when she brang me home later, she was so incredibly nice and gave me everything I could possibly need. Even though I spend the day in bed, I was so grateful for all these people helping me so much. Later that day, the sister of the woman and her boyfriend from new zealand visited me. They were so nice and called me a part of their family and kissed my hands. We talked a lot about my dream to study in Australia and it made me so happy. It was so most beautiful day of being sick I’ve ever experienced in my life so far.

DAY 4 – 6 IN BALI UBUD – sick days in bed and about the art of balance between being gentle with yourself but also challenging yourself to do what’s actually best for you –The days after I spent sick in my bed. I experience so many different emotions everyday. I stress about wasting my precious travel time being ill in bed. I actually planned to edit my first youtube video I filmed in Australia to finally get this youtube thing going, also I wanted to put this blogpost online a lot earlier. Somehow I didn’t feel like it so I didn’t do it. I am still so confused what of the stress I create myself is necessary and which is completely unnecessary. It’s okay to be sick for a few days while traveling, even if it sucks sometimes. I am lucky to be able to spend one month here in Bali to explore this beautiful paradise on earth, so even when I spend one week of it being sick in bed I can still make up for it the other three weeks. Even if I will spend all these four weeks in my bed and dreaming the weirdest dreams at night. I can always return to Bali for another month, so there is actually no need to stress. So on day four of being sick, I finally motivated myself to publish this blogpost. I need to remind myself to do what is best for me, and what is best isn’t always what is the easiest or the most comfortable. I am far from perfect, I still have trouble of finding a balance so much, I used to completely overdo anything, push way too hard and force everything, and right now I more tend to get lazy and not push myself to do the things that make me so happy at all. I embrace that because all of that is part of my journey and I am learning every day. All these things and all these thoughts in my mind about how to live still confuse me so much some days, but I guess the best thing to do is to listen to my body and do what feels right, get the rest I need to get healthy, as well as not forgetting to challenge myself like I did forget during the last four days. I mean writing this last part of my travel journal won’t make me pass away at all – it actually feels really good and gives me fresh energy.

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  1. 19. September 2018 / 14:52

    Gute Besserung! Meine Freundin hatte auch den Bali Belly als wir dort waren. Ich bin in solchen Laendern immer sehr streng und esse nichts was ungekocht oder ungeschaelt ist. natuerlich schraenkt man sich dann schon ein, aber die Gesundheit steht fuer mich an erster Stelle. Ich fand auch, die Menschen auf Bali sind die nettesten und hilfsrebeitesten die ich je getroffen habe, deswegen habe ich mich auch so extreme wohl dort gefuehlt. LG Jennifer von

  2. 20. September 2018 / 16:17

    Ich war vor ein paar Jahren auf Bali und hab es sehr genossen! Leider scheint es sich rasant zu verändern… als eine Freundin vor zwei Jahren dort war, waren ihre Eindrücke schon wieder ganz andere. Und bei einer Freundin aus diesem Jahr war’s noch mal anders… 😉 Hach ja…
    Eine Bekannte meiner Eltern war dort, als es wirklich noch gar keinen Tourismus dort gab. Das stelle ich mir schon sehr cool vor…

  3. 25. September 2018 / 10:12

    wow die bilder sind so so schön! ich möchte dort unbedingt auch einmal hin 🙂 xx

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