the magic of creating my dream of life every day

I dream about so many things. There are so many dreams sparkling in my mind. It’s messy, but completely raw and beautiful. I dream about a life completely lived out of appreciation, love and creativity. I let myself discover this planet I am born into as a human being. I get lost in these places on planet earth, I live through all these feelings and emotions without anything to hold on to, everything touches me. I am identifying with being human like crazy some days – but how beautiful it is that I find the courage to let go of that when I choose to be mindful and see. Every place I go reminds me of inner truths hidden within myself. Everything is limitless, the only boundaries are the ones you create yourself in your mind.

I stop resisting and let all of these limitations in my mind. I wake up every morning before sunrise with a heart filled with gratitude and peace. I write every morning into my beautiful diary of life to let every toxic thought within me fade away until nothing of it is left – only my abundant love and curiosity for to discover life and myself. Then I write down every single thing in my life that I am grateful for – positivity truly is a key. The fun thing about it is to do take the pen every morning and just let the words flow out of my soul, no matter what else my rambling mind tells me to do or not to do. Writing heals me and maybe that’s a little sign that my writing has the power to heal others, and with it, a part of universe, one day, too.

After clearing the messy mind of mine I reconnect with myself every morning and let the movement be another daily ritual for self love. Movement to music of the other kind of music – the music you can listen to when you become silent and listen to the sounds of nature. Running, yoga, or a wonderful walk into the sunrise while being mindful about every step I take – these are my simple favorite ways of watching the earth turn into colorful art again after a season of resting under the warm lights of the moon. It’s about never missing any sunrise anymore and choosing to welcome every day with nothing but love. I dream about being able to work until my flexibility until I am able to do the coolest stretches and poses with my body – there are endless variations so I will never stop learning. I dream about discovering the most wonderful places during my morning walks and runs and make my body used to the daily movement so much until running half marathons becomes such a joy that I can do ultra marathons or an ironman to challenge myself and celebrate being human. I learnt that in some cultures running is known to be a spiritual practice, people run for alignment, how beautiful is that, I’ve always loved running.

When there’s an ocean near the place I am, I will dive into the blue after uniting body and mind. The ocean always reminded me of what I really am, it always left me with nothing but presence. I am a big fan of showers, so after my swim in the ocean, I will take a hot shower and imagine myself washing every limiting thought left away.  Even the simplest kind of meditation is a part of my daily routine. I will sit down on my beautiful, earth green yoga mat and become silent for some time. This wonderful way to start the morning is what I do to celebrate being a form of life on planet earth. There is nothing I love to do more than celebrating my existence and driving myself present to create beautiful art.

I spend my days within my own wholeness to explore and experience unknown places on planet earth. Places that remind me of the truths hidden within myself and sometimes let me dive into the beautiful feeling of fulfillment that comes with the progress of creating with such a joy like I do right now within this present moment. Actually, you are always able to create. You create your life. I create the way I look out of the window while the taxi is driving me to the ocean, I create the art of the way I walk along the streets and the way I receive the wonderful smell of flowers next to the street. I do all the beautiful an different things life has to offer for me with an open heart. Even when I am not exploring a new part of planet earth that day, I am striving every day to do all the different things life has to offer, it actually is a little bit like exploring an unknown place, just in another way, that is just as beautiful as traveling. I spend days connecting with other human beings and I learn to truly listen to each of them and see their soul, meeting new people somehow is the same as exploring an unknown island in the ocean, like I do these days. I spend my days reading books and studying to grow my mind and dive a little bit more into the endless ocean of life. Just like connecting with other human being or doing new things, reading another book is just another form of earth explorations. I spend my days eating food intuitively to fuel my body with health and my soul by trying the most different and yummiest treats on planet earth as well. I fuel myself to spend my days simply working straight out of my soul to turn all the ideas within me into reality. While making my art, I constantly keep breaking all the boundaries within my mind. I spend my days working on the creation of my own, beautiful art in every way possible. I spend my days creating to make my unique perception of reality visible on planet earth, expression is joy. I spend my days making to inspire people to remember themselves. I spend my days making art, because it is fun, passion and the purpose. I know that my own art is my purpose to give. To make a part of healing this planet and create a new, lovely earth with a new awareness. Everything is possible, you have a choice. I am finding a way to live the life I truly want to live, I let go of unnecessary worries about what is right and what is not in our society and I don’t compare my life to the life of another being.

This way of life is possible. It takes effort each day to choose to shine a bright light into the mess within your human mind. I choose to wake up with every morning and choose to do all these things not only because they are a joy to be but also to create the life I always dreamt about and experience the raw beauty of life. In every given moment, you can choose to do so heal yourself from the identification with your mind and every other definition of your life or your being. I choose to dive deeper into myself every day of my life. I learn to feel every day a little bit more of the beautiful truth that I am completely whole within myself. Everything I was ever looking for is hidden within me and I can choose to look and see. I don’t need a relationship to be whole or fulfilled, the relationship of self love with myself is already so much more than enough. I don’t need many things to live a happy life, some clothes I feel myself in, a yoga mat and running shoes to move my body, some make up, paint brushes and paper to turn my life and my face into art, a diary to clear up my messy human mind, some technology like a camera, a laptop or a phone to also support the progress of my creation and the connection with other human beings, an E-Reader to let me grow my mind by taking up only the smallest space, and maybe some other beautiful things to get creative with or a pretty coconut bowl to celebrate my mindful meals full of enjoyment and love, but that’s it. Even if some of that is not there, there are plenty of other ways to be happy without. I don’t need a place to call my own home. I don’t need so called safety to let my soul be safe inside my body. I create it all by myself.

I am not traveling because I feel a lack of something in certain places. Every place is whole by itself. I could have chosen the same part at any other place in the world. It is never about the outside world, it is always about the way I create my inner world. The way I perceive the outside world is a reflection of my inner world. I can be fulfilled without traveling anywhere at all, traveling simply made it easier for me to become aware and then let go of all the limitations, identifications and definitions I choose to let go of. But even if I wouldn’t have the wonderful opportunity to let go of everything and discover planet earth and myself along the journey, the simple art of reconnecting with nature, reading, minimalism and becoming silent to listen inside yourself would work just as well.

In the evening after spending my presence to create art with each of my breaths, after watching every sunset this earth has to offer, I calm my body down with different stretches. It’s calming after a day of so many experiences and lessons of life. I become still and silent, I step outside one last time for that day to breath deeply and I am grateful for the air surrounding my being, some days, I even sleep under the stars. I write into my beautiful diary for a second time that day to reflect that unique day in my journey of life, including all of its beautiful lessons and all the things that fill me up with raw gratitude for life. I do a simple bedtime meditation for a second time that day and I fall in love with the art of breathing in every moment of life I came to experience. After laying down in my bed, I love to use the last moments of the day to read to grow the beautiful mind of mine or paint out of my imagination until my eyes feel ready to be closed and rest until the excitement for another day that is so close to be experienced will wake me up again.

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  1. 24. September 2018 / 12:00

    Deine Worte tun einfach immer so gut und sind richtige Seelenschmeichler, weil sie so tief aus deinem Herzen kommen, das man meint, man kann jedes deiner Gefühle mitfühlen, das ist eine wunderschöne Gabe und ich bin dir so dankbar, dass du sie mit uns teilst. Bleib immer genau so offen wie du bist und inspirierend. Ich wünsch dir eine ganz fantastische neue Woche, alles alles Liebe, x S.Mirli

  2. 23. November 2018 / 12:37

    Tolle Art zu Schreiben 🙂

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