ideas how to live more sustainable and conscious on earth

ideas how to live more sustainable and conscious on earth

I have that vision in my mind that I want to use my life to grow into the change that I want to see on planet earth. Yesterday, I went snorkeling in the turquoise ocean. While diving deep into the water, I saw so many colorful fishes swimming around. When I emerged out of the water, I realized that I am living in paradise – our earth is the paradise. There are so many ideas in my mind how to raise a new awareness and let all of us remember about that paradise that this world truly is.

But when it came to a sustainable way of living, I honestly looked away for such a long time. I mean, I always thought that it was great when other people spread awareness, brought their own coffee cups into their favorite café or bought ethical clothes. But that’s it, I thought it was great but since I was a vegan, I told myself that that’s already enough. Isn’t eating plants enough of a contribution to make a difference here? Well, eating plants is great, but there is so much more that you can do in order to protect our beloved home called mother earth.

In order to change, we must change ourselves and be the change that we aim to see in this world. Sustainability, mindfulness and vegan food is so much more than a trend. It is the necessary change the human species needs to make in order to be able to give planet earth the love that is needed. The human evolution is constantly happening. More and more people are waking up and spreading the messages that need to be spread, isn’t that beautiful? I don’t want to stay in my comfort zone anymore. I want to challenge myself. I finally want to take my mindful way of living to the next level right now and inspire you to do the same. The world needs your consciousness.

Since I am traveling, I love spending hours in the most lovely vegan cafés. Not only to enjoy the most delicious plant based food along my beloved soy cappuccinos or matcha lattes, but also to self study about all the things in this life that I am so curious about. There are so many wonderful things in this world I love to spend hours researching about and maybe even writing a new blogpost about. Creating a more conscious and sustainable way of living is a big one of them. Right now, I am finally taking the time to learn about that revolution to have enough knowledge to make become a part of it as well. I want to share beautiful ideas about changes that we all can make in order to create am more sustainable way of living to protect our wonderful planet. This earth is the only one we have.


ONE – bring your own tumbler to enjoy your coffee When I arrived at the Bondi Beach in Sydney, I was surprised how many people are actually bringing their own tumbler to enjoy their morning, afternoon or evening coffee. I had to admit that they even looked a lot cooler than the usual tumbler to go. You don’t even need to worry about the money you are going to spend on your own, beautiful tumbler in the beginning. Most cafés will give you a special discount if you bring your own tumbler – for a reason. I used to produce so much unnecessary waste by all the grande take away soy lattes I used to get daily. It can be avoided so easily, so I will get not one single coffee to go anymore until I will finally buy my own, cool tumbler. Even when you think that your choice doesn’t make a change because there are still so many people left that will keep choosing the usual coffee to go – your choice matters. Of course replacing coffee cups and plastic straws seems to be such a little thing, but it also is about mindfulness. Just think about in how many more people you can raise awareness when they recognize you making a choice with more awareness. Be the person that you want to be and don’t stop yourself to live the conscious life you crave. There is so much hope and love will heal our earth.

TWO – eat more plants, become vegan and save animals Some people are always talking about showering for a shorter amount of time in order to save water. In fact, if you eat one single burger, you waste so much water that you could shower from it for more that hundred days. The production of a a kilogram of meat takes endless liters of water and many kilos of plants that could serve the population of the world instead. Moreover, humans destroy the paradise that planet earth actually is by taking all the land to plant soy in order to feed the suffering animals. If you are interested to learn more about that topic, you should give the documentary ”cowspiracy” a try.

THREE – eat as many whole foods as possible Whole foods are more than the best choice to fuel the beautiful body of yours. Choosing the simple and Whole Foods over the processed ones is also a lot more sustainable and just another wonderful way to support mother earth. When you compare local apples with a package of Oreos – both is vegan, yes, but the apples would definitely be the best choice. When you bring your own bag, you would left out the plastic the Oreos would usually come with, just as the palm oil from the other side of the world that is definitely not sustainable. I could write a novel about why long transport ways, palm oil and all the other processed ingredients are not serving planet earth, but if you want to dive deeper into that topic you can simply research a little bit about it. But don’t stress yourself too much about not eating processed food, instead of not allowing yourself that vegan burger or cookies, you can still eat them when you shift your focus. Give yourself the care you deserve by simply trying to enjoy as many whole plant foods as possible. How cool is it to think about the fact that you are not only doing something great for your body while eating your big, nourishing salads, but also for the animals and the planet.

FOUR – choose the to buy the seasonal food from the locals wherever you are Yes, eating whole foods is great. But also remind yourself to buy local more often. Just image the long plane flight all the mangos and avocados have to take to go from Peru to your kitchen. Seasonal and local foods are growing for a reason in the area you live. They provide you with exactly the vitamins and minerals you need in order to thrive where you live. While fruits in summer are just perfect for your wellbeing, pumpkin is a great choice to nourish you in autumn. Choose to live more in tune with nature and choose the foods that would be naturally available to you as often as you can.

FIVE – buy as much organic food as possible Now we already talked about the importance of plant foods, whole foods, and seasonal food. There is actually a fourth thing about food you should take care of. If you can afford it, also try to buy organic as often as you can. But organic doesn’t mean organic. While in Germany even non organic foods are white alright, in other countries they probably use toxic pesticides for the food. In some countries, even the organic standard is far behind the german non organic one. So if you decide to mindfully treat yourself with a delicious avocado from the other side of the world for the next time, choose the organic one in order to avoid to poison our beloved home and your body even more. There is still hope, your choice and your message matters!

SIX – creative do it yourself and repairing instead of constantly consuming It’s not a secret that most of us are completely addicted to consuming. We are taught from a young age that consuming certain things will solve our problems, make us happier and more fulfilled. Buying things for the short rush of endorphins is just another way of suppressing you emotions, looking within and realizing that actually everything that you need in order to be whole is already within. So the next time when you want to buy something, I challenge you to be mindful, go within and ask yourself if you really need that product. Actually, it is so much fun to create your own things and look up inspiring do it yourself videos. Otherwise, you can ofter repair your things instead of directly buying a new item. Moreover, you don’t even need to be creative in order to get your own storage boxed and take them into bulk stores.

SEVEN – choose minimalism and find that everything that you are looking for is already within I am so incredibly grateful for discovering minimalism over a year ago. Before that, I used to buy as many things as possible. A few years ago, there even was a time when I thought that the more things I would own, the more fulfilled I would be. Crazy, isn’t it? I spent all my money on the lipstick number twenty-three or buying a ton of sweaters in summer because they were cheaper then. Slowly I realized that actually everything that I am looking for is already within me and I don’t actually need a lot of things to be happy. Right now, I am really conscious about what I own. I always ask myself if I really need it or if I would truly love to own it. Since two months, I am traveling only with a small backpack and I have to say that I absolutely love it and I never missed anything.

EIGHT – bring your own cool bag for food shopping The raising awareness is already reflected in all the changes that happened in Germany during the past years. Many shops don’t even offer any plastic bags anymore. That’s already an amazing step. But instead of taking a paper bag instead – go buy yourself a fancy cloth bag for your groceries. Also, when you want to order food. Be mindful and think a second time if you really need that big bag of shame. If you really want to eat the food from a certain restaurant at home, you could go there and ask them for a take away by putting the meal into your own, self brought bowl to enjoy it.

NINE – second hand shopping I think that second hand shopping is an amazing thing. Especially if you are a person that wants to wear a leather jacket but doesn’t want to support any form of animal cruelty. I personally wouldn’t want to wear the skin of a dead animal, but if you don’t have a problem with that, look for it in a second hand shop instead of supporting the cruelty. Also, nowadays there are so many vegan alternatives to almost every kind of clothing that is made of the skin or the fur of a death animal. Its life if worth just as much as yours, and you definitely don’t need it in order to survive.

TEN – buy fair fashion instead of fast fashion A second thing you about clothing that is definitely just as important as stopping to support the suffering of animals in order to wear their dead bodies are the living circumstances of other human beings in order to produce the cheap fast fashion we wear. You don’t need to throw all your old clothes away. The next time you want to buy a new piece of clothing, support all the great brands that create fair fashion. It probably will be more expensive, but that always make me love that certain piece of clothing even more because I chose it consciously instead of buying three cheap tops instead that I don’t even like. Moreover, they will probably last you forever and you don’t need to buy the next sweater already four months later.

ELEVEN – more walking and bicycling  instead of car driving It’s not a secret that driving a car doesn’t serve our earth. Choose to walk or take a lovely ride with your bicycle over taking the car. It will be more fun. You will feel a lot better afterwards than after a car ride and moving your body is essential anyways to keep you healthy. If the way is too long to walk, taking public transport is another option that is more sustainable. Mother Earth will thank you for it by making the cells in your body start dancing because of the movement.

TWELVE – buy vegan cosmetic and care products or even create your own I am proud to say that with choosing to stop supporting the animal and planet cruelty and never eat any animal products again, I also stopped buying cosmetics or other care products that support animal cruelty or pollute the planet with chemicals. It actually was quite easy. I started to stick to the classic natural cosmetics and also fell in love with ”lush”. Moreover, you can look up a list of all the different brands that surprisingly don’t support testing on animals and are vegan as well. And at last but not least, did you know how easy you can create many great things such as face mask or lip balms with the most natural and simple ingredients?

THIRTEEN – pick up the rubbish you find on the ground I know that it probably will feel like trying to dry a river by taking water from it with a bucket. Don’t give up. When you are walking along the street and you find a big piece of rubbish on the floor that doesn’t belong there – take that extra second – pick it up – and put it into the next trashcan. It is better than keeping it on the floor and make it pollute our earth. Just take that extra second and be kind to our planet, it will be worth it.

FOURTEEN – spread the message in your own, unique way The most beautiful thing is that you are able to spread the important message to more people. I am so happy about the fact that I once inspired two of my best friends to go vegan as well. Later they were able to turn their families vegan. Tell people about the things you are doing and try to inspire them without being angry for their way of living or trying to force them to change. Show them how happy it makes you every day to make conscious choices to save planet earth. Even if they don’t do the things you do right away, it’s a big step to just make people aware about the fact that things like veganism or sustainability exist and they have a choice.

FIFTEEN – spread kindness wherever you go – Maybe you ask yourself what that has to do with ideas how to live more sustainable. I think that love, connection and kindness are truly a key to heal this planet. By being kind to others, smiling at strangers and just doing your best to be the most wonderful version of your being, you inspire others and make them aware about the beauty on earth. With kind energy, you can turn around a strangers day. You can spread positive energy around and make other people more happy and therefore mindful and aware as well. When you remind them about all the little joys in life, maybe they will make the effort to choose an action that supports the planet, spreads that energy to even more people, or simply will grow an interest in protecting our earth as well. Kindness is free and you can always choose it.

AND AT LAST BUT NOT LEAST – don’t be too hard on yourself Remind yourself that this planet is your home, and it deserves to be treated with all the love. In the end, you actually don’t need to make a lot of effort in the end. You simply have to change some of your usual habitsFeeling guilty and hating yourself when you forget to say ”no, thank you” and smile when someone offers you a plastic bag for the next time won’t raise the vibration of planet earth. Just do your best and always remind yourself why you want to make this choice. Remind yourself that this planet is your home, and it deserves to be treated with all the love. In the end, you don’t need to make a lot of effort. You simply have to change some of your usual habits and leave your comfort zone until a sustainable way of living becomes a part of you comfort zone as well. In order to change we have to get uncomfortable, but you can make it fun. Motivate yourself and visualize how amazing it will feel to be more conscious, take care of this planet in every way and really be the change you want to see in our world.

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  1. Lara
    10. Oktober 2018 / 17:39

    Ich finde den Beitrag irgendwie total inspirierend. All die von dir aufgegriffenen Thematiken sind einfach wirklich wichtig. Ich möchte unbedingt weniger Müll verbrauchen – speziell Plastik. Mittlerweile gibt es ja sogar extra solche Läden, die Lebensmittel verpackungsfrei anbieten.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  2. 17. Oktober 2018 / 11:04

    Wow. Ich finde es toll, dass du auch auf den Nachhaltigkeitszug aufspringst und ein so wichtiges Thema ansprichst. Ich finde es auch wichtig sich nachhaltiger zu ernähren und seinen Lebensstil zu hinterfragen. Deine angesprochenen Punkte finde ich wirklich gut, aber eine vegane Ernährung gehört meiner Meinung nach nicht dazu. Natürlich sollten wir weniger Fleisch essen, aber ganz darauf zu verzichten sehe ich nicht als notwendig 🙂
    Viele Grüße,

  3. 1. März 2019 / 12:41

    Oh wow ich liieeebe diesen Post!!! Ich finde die Punkte die du aufgeführt hast super hilfreich und mit den Fotos und deinem Blog Layout wirklich total ansprechend!!
    Ich fühle mich auf jeden Fall wieder super inspiriert noch ein bisschen mehr auf den Zero Waste Zug aufzuspringen :)! Und ja, es ist echt wichtig denke ich sich auch etwas Zeit für diesen Umstieg zu geben und nicht von sich zu erwarten, dass man von jetzt auf gleich alles ändert. Außerdem sollten wir uns nicht schlecht fühlen, wenn wir mal nicht ganz so nachhaltig fühlen wie wir es gerne hätten, immerhin gibt es schon genug Stressfaktoren im Leben, finde ich 🙂

    Danke für diesen schönen Artikel!
    Liebe Grüße

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