why i choose to travel planet earth

why i choose to travel planet earth

I am traveling for a bit over two months now. It was probably the most intense time of my life so far. I felt the highest highs and the lowest lows. I experienced, remembered and learned more than I eve imagined. I couldn’t be more grateful for choosing this path of following my true self and taking the beautiful possibility to travel planet earth. How long I will keep traveling? I don’t know, maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe two, maybe three or even ten? I trust myself more than ever before. Experiencing, remembering and learning are already three words that describe the reason for my travels. If I had only three words to choose from, I would probably pick them. But actually, there are so many reasons why I choose to travel planet earth every day. Today, I want to share all these reasons and maybe inspire you to explore our beautiful home as well.

Breaking free and healing myself – At first, I felt super insecure about my choice to travel. I thought that people would think that I am running away from myself, my problems and therefore hiding myself on the other side of the world. Actually, the opposite is my true reason. Back home, I constantly tried to run away from myself. I forced solid routines and manipulated my whole life by doing so. There was no freedom in my life, I was completely defined by my toxic thoughts. More than just thinking about leaving my safe, toxic place was impossible. Later, I read the book ”the untethered soul”. The words inside the book blew my mind since they were exactly what I was experiencing for such a long time. The book said that sometimes, there are one or even several stings in your life. When you come in touch with them, these stings hurt you. Instead of touching the sting, feeling the pain, learning to love that sting and then being able to remove it, I built my whole life around that sting. Therefore, I never needed to touch that sting and feel the pain that scared me so much. Day by day, it got harder and harder to avoid that sting. Every day was about avoiding the sting. I didn’t do what I would truly enjoy because I was too busy running away and being caught up in routines. There was no freedom or true love for the person that I am. All I felt was narcissistic ego love when I was able to fulfill the toxic expectations I had for myself in order to prevent being hurt by all these stings. When I chose to travel, I basically chose to run right into all the stings at once. Traveling hurt me more than I ever imagined. I am following my true path, no matter if there are thousands of stings in my way. The stings are getting smaller and smaller. Some of them already disappeared, I don’t feel pain by touching the places where they once used to be anymore. While traveling hurt me so much, it also made me happier than I was ever before at the same time. I feel the peace within my soul, the limitless freedom, and the unconditional love for myself and everything about planet earth that I always dreamt about while being a prisoner of my own ego. Therefore, traveling wasn’t a way of running away or avoiding my problems at all. It was a radical decision to free myself by running right into every part of my being. I am exited to all the places traveling will take me in future – places on planet earth but also places inside myself.

Discovering my true strength – Whenever the times got difficult back in Germany, I always had something to escape to. Routines, safe places or friends, somehow everything felt safe and I just could make a way around letting my true emotions be because – sometimes it’s just so hard to let them be. I had beautiful times of love for everything including myself while traveling, but I also had the most horrible times where I broke down crying for hours in my hostel bed because I was so disgusted by myself. Traveling taught me that you have to feel the shit in order to feel the shift. I learn to let my emotions be because while traveling there is no way for me to find safety in places, routines or friends. Of course a hug from my roommates is always a wonderful thing in your darkest moments, but in the end, I had to forgive myself a thousand times again in order to find that safe places – that home I am looking for since I entered planet earth – within myself.

Intuition – I think that traveling is a wonderful way to strengthen your intuition. And let’s be honest, we all have one. Animals can feel an earthquake before it happens, and I am sure that we always know what is the right thing for us to do – or not to do – in the present moment. Some people are completely disconnected to their intuition and I think that traveling is a way to turn inside and ask your true self what is your truth right now. Nevertheless, I feel like I am actually a person that always makes really intuitive decisions, maybe even because I am a little rebellious and I always want to do things on my own. I turn inside and ask myself what to do. That’s great, but sometimes, a little ego voice creeps in and it’s not an easy thing to always know which voice is the right one to follow. I am sure that traveling teaches you a lot how to listen to your intuition. You ask your heart where you want your travel journey to lead you and learn to follow your true self.

Experiencing the inspiration of planet earth – Of course seeing so many different places that planet earth has to offer is a absolutely beautiful thing. There are so many different cultures to learn from and so many wonderful inspiring things. I think that creation is a balance of inspiring yourself by experiencing planet earth and that the actual progress of making your own, personal art out of all the different inspirations. At the moment, I feel like I am just being a visitor on all these places on planet earth and it takes a lot of my energy so that it’s not easy for me to start doing the cool things with myself and dive into new depth within my being, like I could do it if the place I stay would be the same. I feel like I am just experiencing it all in stillness. Maybe there were just a lot of emotions coming up in the past weeks. Nevertheless, the next two month I will stay in the same place in order to calm down for a bit and discover some new places in my own little universe within. That’s another wonderful part of traveling, you can actually decide how long you stay in a certain place. Just hardcore exploring everything for five days? Or rather staying for three month and diving deep into your being that is constantly transforming and changing by all the impressions of that place? It’s your choice, you are actually very free.

It all is temporarily – And one last point to this, we all know that the climate change is happening right now. We all know that we can do many things to treat our Mother Earth the best way possible and stop hurting her, but who knows how long our planet will stay the same. Humans are not respecting nature when we are a part of it. Nature as a whole is so much more than what we as simple humans are. When we are not living connected and destroying Mother Earth, there will be reached a point when nature will get rid of us humans. Just imagine –  it’s like you are a little universe by yourself. When certain viruses try to destroy you, your body will probably be smart enough to get rid of them with a fever. That’s what climate change represents to me – nature gets it own kind of fever in order to get rid of its parasites – humans. Do your best to treat your home – planet earth – the best way possible and get out there to experience your beautiful home as long as you still can. Let your soul enjoy and soak it all up to the fullest.

Being your own home – My whole life I was looking for overall happiness. When I got older, I got little insights into the fact that I actually don’t need my routine, safety or all the other definitions I put on myself in the outer world to be happy. In fact, there is not much I need and everything I need is already within myself. You can decide to do the work and slowly, day by day, improve your mindset and learn to become your own home. I feel like doing that is a lot easier while traveling. There are no safe places I can run to in order to escape my toxic thoughts. At the moment, I feel like I am in a place where I don’t feel bad, but not great. I know that I actually could feel bliss if I decide to do the work for it. Often we think that we need big changes in the outer world in order to change our mindset – like I tend to think ”when I will study in a year, then I will be really productive again” but actually I can work on my mind to be productive right now and unconditional – and that’s real freedom. Everything is possible and the only limitations are the ones you have in your mind. I can embrace the place I am in right now that is ”just okay”, forgive myself for not doing the work life tries to convince me to do all the time – and then work and move on from there to improve my relationship with life and myself.

Adventures – And one last reason why I love traveling, it’s definitely an adventure when you spontaneously decide to let your intuition guide you. You will not only experience so many different and beautiful things, there will also be so many adventures you can tell other human beings about one day – when you take some steps away from the usual routine that kept you safe back at home. I mean, who doesn’t want to live an adventurous and crazy life guided right into by your own, unique intuition?

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