singapore story guide – amazing places to explore

singapore story guide – amazing places to explore

Right now I am sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop with an incredible view on the huge sky scrapers of another city in which I arrived just two days ago. I choose to take the time reflect everything that happened during the days. After one month of living in Bali, I came confused, messy and all over the place to Singapore. My mental state wasn’t good at all and I just felt like I was too much for myself. Not even the incredible most wonderful view out of the airplane window that I ever experienced could make me smile anymore. Traveling taught me that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and that I take myself with everything that I am wherever I go anyways. Traveling the world won’t magically make everything beautiful, but it is one of the most amazing things to travel to experience planet earth with everything that it is and let all the impressions shape you into your true self. Past days, I reflected the beautiful mess that I am, let go of everything that did not serve me anymore and surrendered into the present. What can I say? I feel peace, acceptance and love floating though me and I couldn’t be more happier about my inner state of being that gives me the possibility to experience Singapore to the fullest.

And by the way, while enjoying the last sips of my matcha soy latte, I definitely have a probably not so secret tip for all of you. When I was thirteen I absolutely loved the Starbucks frappuccinos. I wasn’t vegan back then and I used to get the mocha one every time. Since I became a vegan I never got my beloved frappuccinos again because I thought starbucks would use cream to make them because they tasted so creamy? Long story short, they can easily be made vegan and I just ordered a matcha soy latte. Not the hot version and not the basic iced version either. I ordered a matcha soy latte blended with ice and it tasted like a matcha ice cream heaven. In case you never thought so far as well, you definitely should give the vegan frappuccino version a try. I am doing my best to prevent myself from running back to the barista to order my third drink for today.

This morning, I woke up after the best, dreamy sleep and went for a wonderful morning walk to a botanical garden while listening to interesting podcasts. After I came back to my room three hours later, I realized that I probably slept so hard that night that I just needed a second sleep from sleeping too hard. I suddenly felt so tired that I took another nap before taking my time to follow my passion and write now. Sleep is not everything, but such an important part for me to be clear, mindful and appreciate life. I used to manipulate my life by depriving myself of sleep. When I slept in, I couldn’t enjoy the benefits of it, but rather feel extremely guilty and stressed all day. It wasn’t a fun time, but I am grateful for remembering that I can choose to heal myself and let go. Just thinking about all the different things that traveling taught me takes my breath away. I would love to write a book about that story one day.

All in one, I had so much inner work to do the past days that I didn’t saw too much of Singapore until now. I didn’t felt like it, and that’s completely okay. Right now, I am finally taking the time to learn about the amazing, modern city I am currently a part of. Out of that knowledge, I want to create a guide about the places I want to experience in the upcoming days, or the places I already saw during the past two days. So it’s not all just to grow my mind and learn about the stories behind the beautiful places I will visit, but also for you to have a story guide when you will eventually travel to Singapore as well.

Some basic stories to know about Singapore – When I arrived in Singapore, I didn’t really know anything, only that it was a small state and a big city at the same time. After making it from the airport to the city center, the Starbucks barista started laughing at me when I asked him what language people are speaking here. Good news, people in Singapore speak English. Singapore is also an island in Southeast Asia. Therefore, it was only a short flight away from Indonesia. The climate is just as tropical as in Indonesia, but everything else is so much different. Singapore is one of the ten most visited cities in the world. Stories tell that the hindu prince came from Sumatra to Singapore. Before that, he got into trouble with the regent from Java and the regent from Sumatra because of marrying the princess from Java. In the rainforest of Singapore, the prince met a lion. When he wanted to fought the lion, the lion walked away. The prince was impressed and decided to call that place the city of lions. That’s how Singapore came to its name. In the 19th century before the economy boom started, Singapore was known to be a town for fishers. Then, a company came into the little rainforest town to build a trade post. Today, Singapore is knows for successful economy, huge skyscrapers and a great mixture of different cultures and religions. Singapore is called the city of the future, but I would also call it the city of diversity. While everything is super clean and there are the most modern shopping centers with rivers in the middle of it where you can sail along the different shops, you can also find traditional chinese pharmacies.

”Beautiful places to visit in Singapore”

Marina Bay Sands – One of the first things I recognized when I came to Singapore were the three huge building that where all connected with each other through some kind of really big ”plate”. It turnt out that this plate was a garden on top of the three sky scrapers. Inside, you can find a casino, a luxurious hotel, a shopping center, museums, two theaters, night clubs and two swimming pavilions. The whole thing is super modern and of course – really expensive. While strolling through the shopping center, I saw a river in the middle of the passage. You could basically take a boat trip along the river through the shopping center. I didn’t visit the public roofgarden, but you will definitely have a great view on the skyline of Singapore, especially at night.

Singapore Flyer – The Singapore flyer is known to be the second highest Ferris wheel in the world. It’s 165 meters high and being on top of it offers you a wonderful view over the Marina Bay. There are also lots of shops, restaurants and facilities around.

Merlion – The mythical creature out of a lion and a fish is not the kind of sight you will recognize first, but it is a very special reminder for the history of Singapore. It represents how the prince gave Singapore the name of the ”city of lions” after the lion he wanted to fight when he entered Singapore just walked away.

Little India – I randomly stumbled across little India before I even knew about it. It’s an ethnic district and you will find a ton of Indian restaurants. You also can find a so called Tekka-market there that is not only Indian, but really multi-cultural.

Botanical Garden – On another lovely morning walk I discovered the Botanical Garden of Singapore. I love the peaceful vibes of these gardens and I love walking through them, no matter if it’s in Singapore, in Sydney or in Hamburg. The botanical garden of Singapore is the only one on the list of the world heritages. The garden also includes a national orchid garden and much more to see. When I arrived there after quite a long city walk I was amazed by how calm and far from the city life it seems.

Gardens by the bay – It’s probably not that hard to imagine what’s the secret behind the ”gardens by the bay”. They are artificially cultivated gardens next to the bay. The reason for the gardens is to increase the relaxation of the people with nature. One highlight are high and planted buildings called ”super trees”. At night the building are lightened. In future, there are many projects planned to make the parks even bigger.

Sentosa – When you stay for a few more days in Singapore, you could visit Sentosa as well. It’s a small Island that is easy to reach from the city. The islands has a lot of gardens and you can do a lot of activities there. You can find waterparks or aquariums. The most special attractions are probably the ”Universal Studios Singapore”. All in one, it’s a place for relaxation and vacation not far away from the busy city life. Before that, it used to be an army base.

Chinatown – Actually every place where mostly Chinese people work and live is called a Chinatown. The Chinatown in Singapore is definitely worth a visit. The buildings are colorful and there definitely are some cultural sights to visit. The most popular sight is the ”Buddha Tooth Relic Temple”, a temple that is known to own one tooth of Buddha. The oldest shrine of Singapore called ‘Sri Mariamman Temple” is also worth a visit when you are going to Chinatown. Moreover, there are a ton of Chinese places to eat. One popular place is the Hawker Centre, a place with lots of restaurants that offer cheap meals. Next to a busy nightlife, Chinatown also offers a lovely night market until midnight.

Orchard Road – While I am writing this I am already back in Australia and I realize now that I forgot to mention – and of course visit the Orchard Road. If I will ever end up in Singapore again, I will definitely make up for it. It’s the most popular shopping street of Singapore and at the end of the street, you can find the residence of the president of Singapore. And by the way: The two pictures don’t actually show the Orchard Road, but another lovely shopping street I took some pictures of.

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