self care rituals sponsored by coconut oil

self care rituals sponsored by coconut oil

I am sure that we all have already heard the most diverse things about coconut oil a hundred times. Some people are convinced by the idea that it’s magic for human beings, some people think that it’s nothing else than marketing. I have used coconut oil in the past as some kind of natural body lotion to take care of my skin. A while ago, I stopped using it because I honestly became too lazy for that extra care. Since I returned to Hamburg I am inspired to start including a lot of beautiful self care rituals into my day again. I took time to do my own research on coconut oil and create and share my own opinion on coconut oil and its magic. I want to share my opinion on coconut oil and all the wonderful self care rituals that are basically sponsored by by coconut oil and the other things you can get out of coconuts. These self care rituals all improve your wellbeing and express an act of self love.

In the beginning I questioned coconut oil because of the fact that it mostly contains saturated fats, since I learnt that this kind of fat isn’t the healthiest for your body. I learnt that when I decide to use oil for cooking, I should choose the unsaturated ones and prefer the ones that contain a good ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 – coconut oil doesn’t contain any omega 3 at all. Basically, it’s not that much about the amount of omega 3, but more about the ratio which is 1:1. The reason why most people are only talking omega 3 when omega 6 is just as important is that it’s usually not a problem to get in a lot of omega 6 when it’s a little different with omega 3. For example, when you eat a big salad with a lot of walnuts and leafy greens that contain a good amount of omega 3, your body can’t absorb it properly if you drizzle the salad with sunflower oil, since it contains a lot more omega 6 than omega 3. Therefore, your body will be the happiest if you choose an oil with a high amount of omega 3 like linseed oil or raps seed oil.

So why is everybody talking about the health boosting effect of coconuts, avocados or just the oil of them when they only contain omega 6? So one good thing about the 90% saturated fats in coconut oil is that you can heat them up without them to turn into harmful substances. In contrast to that, heating up oils with unsaturated fats, harmful substances are released – they are also called trans fats and are found in my beloved fries for example. In some countries, concerns even have to print the amount of trans fats on the package. So when you decide to enjoy your food with some oil the next time, go for that oil with the highest amount of saturated fats or drizzle the cold pressed oil with the unsaturated fats on your food after you already cooked it. Moreover, you can balance the high amount of omega 6 out by enjoying the meal with other foods that contain more omega 3 than omega 6. You can find a lot of lists online with the omega 3 omega 6 ratio of all the fruits and vegetables you can imagine.

Moreover, saturated fat is not bad at all. Saturated fats from animal products aren’t healthy, yes. Luckily there are no studies that you that saturated fats that are found in plants are unhealthy. Actually, it’s the opposite – in moderation they are not only fine, but also very essential for your body. They shouldn’t make up more than 10 percent of your daily intake and you should choose the source of your saturated fats mindfully. While the plant based saturated fats are amazing for your energy since they contain a lot of medium-chain fats called MCTs, the ones from animal source don’t. Summing up, coconuts and their oil are basically the best source of saturated fats you can find and they are great in moderation. Just in case you don’t have your one pot of coconut oil for everything yet, you can buy a really high quality coconut oil here in ”Shop Apotheke”. It’s cold pressed, organic and contains a maximum of possible nutrients.


ONE – oil pulling for white teeth – You probably saw people putting coconut oil into their mouth if you enjoy watching morning routines on Youtube as much as I do. The antibacterial effect fights caries-causing bacteria as well. Since coconut oil is known to heal small injuries and cares for the mucosa – it turns out to be a great product for your mouth hygiene. Human beings also tend to use it to make their teeth look whiter without harmful bleaching. I always was really skeptical towards that – but after my research I am definitely convinced by that idea and I can’t wait to try it out in future. The antibacterial effect of coconut oil removes harmful plaques on your teeth and reduces tartar – by doing so it also sets free the actual color of your healthy teeth.

TWO – healthy and hydrated glowing skin – the next time you decide to take a few hours for yourself – In the summer, I once covered my whole body in coconut oil and chilled in the sun while growing my mind by reading books. You can do almost the same inside the house in winter. Cover yourself in coconut oil, light some candles to create a cozy atmosphere, cuddle up in some blankets to keep you warm (and don’t forget to wash them afterwards to remove the coconut oil) and grab a book or something else that makes you happy. The fat is known to hydrate your skin and make it extra smooth. The oil is even known to have firming effects on your skin.

THREE – natural shaving cream – when I was fourteen years old I owned a shaving cream. When it was empty I just shaved without and it actually always went well. Nevertheless, shaving after covering that part of your skin with coconut oil before always ends up to be a nicer experience. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and is a lot more natural than using a shaving cream.

FOUR – body peeling made out of plants – Of course you can buy a body peeling in almost every store – even in the super markets. Nevertheless, I think it is a lot more fun to create your own out of natural ingredients to give your body that extra kindness. One option is to melt and mix it with sugar or salt, but you can find an endless amount of other ideas online.

FIVE – delicious and healthy asian veggie stir fry – Since we now know that saturated fats are essential and healthy for your body in moderation – you can make yourself a healthy meal including coconut oil. For example you can make yourself a stir fry with a lot of vegetables or nuts that mostly contain omega 3 fats and then fry them in the coconut oil that contains the omega 6 for balance. Moreover, the saturated fats are the best choice when you want to fry or simply heat up something since it’s highly heatable – as I already had to stop myself from writing a boring novel about that above: It doesn’t turn into damaging trans fats like the cold pressed oils that mostly contains unsaturated fats do.

SIX – extra care for your hair – Honestly, I already tried coconut oil in my hair for a few times and it always left my hair looking super fatty even after washing it out. Nonetheless, there is almost nothing that is kinder to your hair than coconut oil is. You can put it into your hair for a few hours and then wash it out with your usual shampoo to prevent that extra fatty look I ended up with. Your hair will thank you.

SEVEN – natural make up remover – Whenever my make up remover is empty, I go to the fridge and grab coconut oil instead. My skin is really sensitive to chemical make up removers, so I already go for the natural and organic brands. They work really well for me, but coconut oil works just as well as long as you choose a mascara that isn’t waterproof.

EIGHT – natural deodorant – The antibacterial effect of coconut oil can prevent your skin from sweat odor. It’s not as effective as a real deodorant – but if you ever are on the go and are in need of deodorant but only can find coconut oil in your bag for whatever reason – you can make use of it as well. One solution for many situations.

NINE – healing support for wounds – That antibacterial effect of coconut oil is also great to speed of the healing power of your body. Therefore, it’s amazing for regeneration, prevents the wound from external influences and infections.

TEN – strong nails – If you want to be extra kind to your nails you can put that magical coconut oil on them and the skin around as well. It is known to hydrate them and even make them stronger.

ELEVEN – natural sunscreen – coconut oil has the power to prevent you from 20 percent UV radiation. As long as you don’t plan to stay in the sun for hours, it turns out to be a healthy replace for sunscreen. Moreover, if you forgot to put on sunscreen and you end up being sunburnt – coconut oil can help. Putting coconut oil on your sunburn will hydrate the skin so much that it will heal faster. It also has an antibacterial effect that prevents the sunburn to turn into an inflammation.

TWELVE – natural lip balm – coconut oil is known to hydrate and care for your lips without drying them out – like some of the chemical lip balm do. Just put it on your lips like you would do it with your lip balm. Another benefit is that it tastes actually really good, my sister once ate it with a spoon like I love to do it with peanut butter, cashew butter or almond butter. Well, if you really want to spoon coconut oil like my sister did, I suggest you to go buy a natural coconut butter instead. Coconut butter still contains every ingredient of the real coconut like the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and fibers.. your body will get a lot more out of that and I think it tastes even better and sweeter.

THIRTEEN – the mindfulness of minimalism – Since coconut oil is basically one amazing thing you can find on planet earth with so many things you can make out of it – it’s the oil for every minimalist. You don’t need twenty different things. You can use coconut oil for cooking, baking, for white teeth, for getting the best hair, strong nails, sunscreen, healthy skin and endless other things. Therefore you end up having a lot more beautiful headspace to turn inward and become aware of the wonderful truth that everything you need can already be found within you.

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  1. 28. Oktober 2018 / 20:03

    Danke für diesen so informativen Beitrag. Ich liebe den Duft von Kokos in den Pflegeprodukten sehr, ob sich nun um ein Shower-Gel, ein Body-Lotion oder eine Handcreme handelt, und habe solche Produkte daher immer gerne benutzt. Doch mir war bisher nie bewusst, was in Kokosöl alles steckt, welche Möglichkeiten der Verwendung gegeben sind und wofür sie überall eingesetzt werden kann. Daher war es total interessant, deine ausführliche Beschreibung dazu zu lesen und viel Interessantes zu erfahren.
    Hab einen schönen Abend und alles Liebe

  2. 29. Oktober 2018 / 13:36

    Wow liebe Lea, da hast Du wirklich recherchiert und einen ganz tollen Beitrag über Kokosnussöl gemacht! 😀 Ich verwende zwar seit jeher Olivenöl zum Kochen, aber auch Kokosöl zum Eincremen oder als Haarmaske 🙂 Ein wunderbar vielseitiges Produkt, das obendrein noch herrlich riecht 😀
    Liebste Grüsse
    Janine von

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