about the most magical three days and nights in brighton

about the most magical three days and nights in brighton

After coming back to Hamburg from my big travels to the other side of planet earth, I decided to start working full time in order to save up money and make some new experiences while staying at the place where I grew up until I will start studying in another city next year. Actually, I planned to work in a theatre, but then things turned out to end up differently and I decided to apply for a full time job at my favorite Starbucks coffee shop instead. Luckily I got the job after my first trial work shift at the beginning of November. The only point was that it took a few days until I could finally start the usual work week and I had to wait until today – the 12th of November. Instead of staying in Hamburg – a quite pleasing idea entered my mind.. I counted the days and came to the result that I could spend eight days traveling. Not even after two weeks of being back in my hometown, I was already so ready to leave again. Therefore, I started to imagine where I could travel. Greece was a wonderful option, but the UK or the mountains in Switzerland would be amazing as well. I ended booking a cheap evening flight to London. I have never been to the UK before and since I dream about studying in an English speaking country, visiting London and Brighton, the ”little London of art in the south of England” was just the right decision.

I wanted to explore Brighton before exploring London. I was just way too excited because of all the wonderful things I heard about that small city before. After the flight landed in England and I made it to the London city center after midnight, I stayed at a Hostel for the rest of the night and took the train from London to Brighton the next morning instead of doing it at night. When I woke up after that one night in London, I woke up feeling surprisingly energetic and happy. My first thought was that the UK must have some healing powers for me. I went for a morning walk through the Notting Hill before I left that city again to fall in love with Brighton first.

After a one hour train ride to Brighton, I knew that Brighton is a magical place before I even left the train station. I walked all the way through the city to the guesthouse where I would stay for the upcoming three days. I was simply blown away – by everything that wonderful city had to offer – all the artistic graffiti walls, all the countless cute, vegan cafés, all the pretty buildings and all the waves floating through the ocean. After exploring the near surroundings of Brighton and next day and stumbled across the most stunning nature, I was finally sure that I will definitely – sooner or later – spend some years of my life in this magical city. Literally everything about Brighton made me fall in love with it a little bit more. I can’t wait to move and hopefully start studying there next year – I already started writing my applications to the University of Brighton.

After I checked in at the cutest guest house – a one minute walk away from the roaring ocean, I danced around in my tiny but wonderful room and then spent the rest of the day getting lost in all the endless narrow and extra colorful streets. I tasted the most delicious and vegan food, I saw a demonstration for animal rights on the streets, I visited the neighboring residential areas where I could definitely imagine to move as soon as possible, I visited the popular sights, I visited little and green parks scattered all over the city, I listened to the waves and I saw animals that I never saw before. I felt like my being was melting into all my surroundings and I could feel how I started to understand something. ‚You are the unique piece of universe you’ve been given. You are a whole little universe by yourself, just as well as you are a part of the universe. Everything is made of the same substance, we all are the same substance. You are everything. I am you. You are me.’ 

Fueled by beautiful truth that started to bloom inside of my being, I found my new local Starbucks coffee shop right away. After that day I felt so inspired, fulfilled and in the mood to paint – yes – in the most basic Starbucks coffee shop all I wanted was to paint. I finally started creating my own bullet journal, a bullet journal to express my creativity and helping me to become a healthier and happier version of myself everyday – at the same time. Wow, dreaming myself back to Brighton right now gives me the biggest smile on my face. After an evening of creating, I fell asleep to the sound of the waves as peaceful as never before and I promised myself that I will work on being able to provide myself that love and fulfillment simply because of being alive on planet earth every day.

After a cozy night I woke up refreshed and in the mood to dance. I actually wanted to go for a morning run but thirty seconds into I stopped and decided that this morning is meant for a special adventure time. I ran back home, put my running shoes off, changed my clothes and took my big winter coat. I started to walk along the coast – straight into the direction of east. One of the happiest hours of my life later, I stumbled across a little café that was just on my way. I would have never thought that they would offer soy milk to drink my coffee with – but they did. The world is truly changing. I sat down on one of all the huge, black stones and enjoyed every sip of my coffee. Then I kept walking for roughly thirty more minutes – direction east. The sun was kissing my face and I appreciated the warm light so much – I could even put off that big winter coat I took with me. Well, thirty minutes away from the small café, the coastal walk came to an end and big walls and cliffs appeared instead. I wanted to return and walk back, but then my curiosity made me actually walk to the end of the way. I touched the wall, I touched the cliffs, and then I took a look behind them. Definitely the best decision I made that day. The way was over, but behind the cliffs was a hidden heaven that took place on planet earth. I was reminded of the beautiful truth that our world is the actual paradise – all we need is to open our eyes, look… and see. The hidden paradise was a little beach made out of stones instead of sand – it literally took my breath away.

It probably took me almost thirty more minuted to climb over all the big, black stones that took place between my body and that hidden heaven on earth. I enjoyed every second of that climb and I felt like my being was melting into that paradise again – just like I felt it the day before when I walked through the Brighton city center. After I had made it over the the black stones, I just smiled at the sun, danced and played with my surrounding like a little child. I enjoyed being the only human being at that magical place. It was definitely one of the most magical experiences of my life, just letting my being melt into pure presence. After a little eternity I started to walk all the way back to Brighton and I couldn’t have been higher on life. I couldn’t believe that the magic that I just experienced was real – someone pinch me please? On my way back, I didn’t find the little café where I thought it to be. For some seconds I was convinced by the idea that I must have created it in my imagination and it would exist only there. Then luckily, it turnt out to just be a few minutes further that way and I could take a break there for a second time in order to enjoy two fruit and nut bars. But I mean, just imagine if I would have created that little café only in my mind..

After that adventure, I relaxed the time away in my cute guesthouse. After that well needed rest, I spend the late afternoon exploring other unknown places of Brighton. This time, I walked along the coast into the direction of west instead. I saw cute and colorful beach huts that made my heart beat a little bit faster. I also walked through the city center again and explored other streets. I visited a popular asian shop before it was evening and I ended up visiting Starbucks once again in order to create my art while drinking tea. When Starbucks closed I felt the urge to just run. I haven’t exercised as much as usual and I am not as fit as I used to be at the moment. Therefore, I was so surprised when the run along the beach into direction west just felt like flying – it was so easy and I ran and ran and ran for one hour. All my endorphins started dancing inside my body. That post run bliss gifted me with another peaceful sleep full of positive feelings.

On day three of my Brighton diaries I woke up tired – but just as happy as the days before. I went for a morning walk in order to explore all the other streets I haven’t had discovered yet. I walked into some kind of healthy supermarket called ”Infinity Foods”. They had so many vegan products and I even found vegan marshmallows. They also had a bakery department inside of their shop. I expected nothing but got everything I could have asked for. Almost everything was vegan, freshly baked and not expensive at all. They had vegan cinnamon rolls, sausage rolls, scones, croissants, pizza, muffins, cake, cookies, flapjacks, olive buns and so many more things. My heart probably started beating a lot faster once again and I ended up buying a piece of pizza, a cinnamon roll, a big white olive loaf and the marshmallows I was basically looking after for years.

Then I had a little picnic by myself at the Brighton beach and shared some parts of my food with the most beautiful seagulls I had ever seen. I spent the afternoon at home in my guest room because I felt like resting and just enjoying that beautiful home that was mine for these three nights. I filled more pages of my bullet journal and made a plan of all the countries I want to have visited in my life – it turned out to be 67 – even only that plan makes me so excited for my future and all the moments that are yet to come. After another evening walk I ended up at Starbucks for the third time in a row. I drank a tea and read some more pages out of the book ”Conversations with god” – it’s such a great and eyeopening book and has nothing to do with the common religions at all. I definitely recommend reading it. That night, I went to bed early and felt blessed with one another, wonderful sleep.

The next morning, I slept into that last day of my Brighton Diaries. It was a rainy day but rain never made me feel so peaceful ever before. I woke up with a clear mind and took my beautiful camera to walk all around the city for one last time. I even stumbled across more unknown corners and alleys that looked like art. I took pictures of almost every graffiti wall that I saw and every step I took felt like I was dancing with life. I went to that vegan bakery for a temporarily last time and bought the most delicious, juicy onion loaf before ending up in a cute café where I bought the most delicious vegan raspberry donut two days before. This time, I didn’t ate a donut. Not only because they didn’t have any donuts on that day, but also I just already felt so full of happiness and juicy onion loaf already that all I wanted was to enjoy every sip of a strawberry tea instead. While doing so, I finally stopped procastinating and started editing all the little films I made in Sydney into my first youtube video. I wanted to start creating youtube videos for such a long time now and I am so grateful that Brighton gave me the courage to finally start doing so. Time flew by and in the afternoon it was time to leave. I grabbed my black backpack and took the train back to the London city center. Even though I had the most beautiful time in Brighton, saying goodbye wasn’t too hard since I know that I will come back as soon as possible and make this magical city my artistic future home.

I not only put all the little films that I made back in Sydney into a youtube video, I also took all the little films that I made during that magical time in Brighton and put them together into a BRIGHTON DIARIES impression vlog last night as well. I already plan to film more videos since the editing is even more fun than the filming itself. I fell in love with the UK so much that you can already prepare for a lot of travel tips posts about Brighton and London. Nevertheless, today, I simply wanted to tell you the magical story of those wonderful three days and nights that I spent in the probably most beautiful city in the world that I will be able to call my home very soon. Remember – you have the power to let your dreams be manifested into reality.

click here to enjoy my BRIGHTON DIARIES vlog on youtube

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  1. 14. November 2018 / 06:18

    I’ve always wanted to visit Brighten in UK!! I’ve only been to New Brighten in New Zealand though haha… Those rocky cliffs looks amazing! Hopefully I get to visit UK again in the near future!! xx

    • leachristin
      14. November 2018 / 06:57

      You should definitely go visit it!! Maybe I’ll already live there.. just send me an E-Mail and then we can meet and I can show you around the most beautiful places hehe 🙂

  2. 14. November 2018 / 08:27

    Was fuer schoene Bilder und Eindruecke! Ich moechte auch unberdingt mal nach Brighton. Ich war in der UK bisher nur in London und Canterbury und beides hat mir auch unglaublich gut gefallen. Waere ja toll wenn es mit dem Studium dort klappt! Also alleine ohne Anleitung koennte ich auch kein Yoga zuhause machen, aber mit den Youtube Videos klappt es total gut. Ich mache meine Workouts immer im Wohnzimmer und richte mir es schoen her, mit einem Budda z.B. so dass die Atmosphere schon entspannend wird, oder vielleicht mit Kerzen waere es auch schoen. In meinen Fitness Updates berichte ich auch immer drueber, siehe hier:
    Ich mag Yoga with Adriene ja total gerne, sie hat so eine angenehme Stimme, schon alleine das laesst mich ruhiger warden. Ich habe jetzt aber noch eine andere Yoga Lehrerin auf Youtube entdeckt, die sehr anspruchsvolles Yoga macht, werde das weiter testen und dann im November Fitness Update drueber berichten. Liebe Gruesse Jennifer von https://fashionistasfairytale.blogspot.de/

  3. 14. November 2018 / 09:16

    Ohja Babybrei is schon was Feines 😀 Ich hab Anfang des Jahres eine Babyfood Challenge gemacht und mich 5 Tage nur von Babyfood ernährt, also Brei, Waffeln, etc. Kartoffelbrei is echt gut und Spaghetti Bolognese mag ich auch gerne =) Ansonsten sämtliche fruchtige Sorten oder sowas wie Abendbrei & Co. Gerne doch 😀
    Danke das freut mich natürlich zu hören bzw. zu lesen =)

    Ein toller Post mit richtig schönen Bildern =) Ich war leider noch nie in Großbritannien, ich hoffe sehr das in den nächsten Jahren mal ändern zu können, neben London möchte ich dort nämlich so einiges sehen und muss langsam mal anfangen 😀 Brighton scheint auch wirklich vielversprechend zu sein.
    Alles Liebe

  4. 15. November 2018 / 15:15

    Richtig schöne Bilder und die vegane Auswahl ist dort ja echt super. Hatte ich in London auch gesucht, aber da ich das vorher nicht gegoogelt hatte, habe ich das nicht wirklich gefunden :/. Brighton möchte ich mir auch auch noch anschauen. War zwar schon in England, aber da erstmal nur in London, jedoch steht definitiv noch mal eine Reise nach England an, wo ich mir dann auch Brigton und Oxford anschaue.

    Freut mich auf jeden Fall zu hören, dass du von Brigthon auch weiterhin so begeistert bist und dich verliebt hast.

    Dankeschön für dein liebes Kommentar Lea und das du die Liebe zum Lesen wiederentdeckt hast, freut mich sehr zu hören <3. Kann dir das Buch auch echt nur ans Herz legen, denn gerade zur Zeit ist es ja leider wieder sehr aktuell. Es führt aber noch einmal aus einem ganz anderen Blickwinkel diese grausame Zeit vor Augen.

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