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The last post I wrote down all the beauty that I experienced during my time in Brighton. Summing up, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Every second in Brighton felt like a blessing itself. I am so grateful for exploring that little city in the south of England. Instead of sharing some kind of personal diary with you – as I did it in my last post, I want to share another story guide for Brighton. I already did the same kind of story guides for the most magical towns in Bali, as well as I also created a second story guide for the most amazing attractions to check out when you travel to Singapore. Today, it’s time to reveal the secret of the most wonderful places that made my heart melt when I visited Brighton. When you travel to England in your future days on planet earth, spending a few days in Brighton to let that little city make you fall in love with it as much as I did will probably be the best decision to make your England journey an unforgettable experience.

ONE – strolling through small but colorful and artistic shopping streets – THE NORTH LANES – The first memorable thing I came across when I walked the way from the train station to the guesthouse that I booked were the north lanes. Well, these are not like the other usual shopping miles of Brighton. They are more likely small and cozy streets that couldn’t look more colorful. Actually, the north lanes are so much better than than the usual shopping streets and made me fall in love with the whole city right away, even though I wasn’t even a fan of shopping streets in any way – I even used to avoid them. Just walking through the small streets and observe everything that was going on there made me so happy and gifted me with the most blissful feeling before I even arrived at the guesthouse. It’s hard to find any regular shops there (no worries, there will be plenty of them as well in all the other countless streets). Instead, you will find a lot of fancy shops. Of course I fell in love with all the small and unique cafés that offer a lot of great tasting vegan options. You will also stumble across the most beautiful flower shops, vegan shoe shops, vegan cosmetic shops, art shops, vegan candy stores, music shops or special bookshops. I was also amazed by a chinese shop that had the cutest little chinese bowls, as well all the extra chinese stuff such as countless mochi variations, pre baked purple sweet potatoes and so many other things I can’t even call by name. You will find the most inspiring shops there, as well as the most beautiful art on the graffiti walls in-between. In-between the perfect chaos, you will find the pretties houses that simply look like art by itself. The chaos, the colorful mixture, it is all perfectly artistic. Just give yourself some hours of your precious time and enjoy getting lost in the hurly-burly – there is so much going on there.

TWO – choosing from as many plant based options as in Berlin – VEGAN FRIENDLY CAFES – Brighton is a very, very vegan friendly city. When I walked along the streets for the first time, there was also a demonstration for animal rights going on. Every human you’ll meet knows what you mean when you say that you are a vegan, and the options to choose plants are probably just as infinite as in Berlin. I loved all the vegan cake at a café called ”cloud 9”. Across from ”cloud 9”, there was another café where I ate really good vegan donuts. But there are great options in almost every restaurant or café. There is even a donut shop called ”glazed” that is completely vegan. The best thing that I discovered was some kind of health supermarket called ”Infinity Foods” . Even though it wasn’t a fully vegan or organic, they had so many crazy vegan products (vegan marshmallows here I am). The best thing about ”Infinity Foods” was that they even had a bakery department. Almost everything in their bakery is vegan, a pleasure for your tastebuds and not overpriced at all. I couldn’t believe it and got so happy when I saw all the vegan cinnamon rolls, croissants, sausage rolls, flapjacks, cakes, muffins, pizzas and so many other creative bread and bread roll variations. No need to hurt animals! Just thinking about all these cute and animal friendly places makes me so happy. I can’t wait to move there and buy every single one of my bakery treats at exactly that one and only bakery department of ”Infinity Foods” – but until that day, I’ll surrender and trust into my beautiful journey of life.

THREE – seeing colorful art in every corner – GRAFFITI WALLS – Brighton is basically known to be the city for the artists. And you will discover the most beautiful graffiti walls in almost every small street and all its side streets that are even smaller. All the colors give that city such a special character that makes it different from every place I’ve visited before. You can take the best pictures in front of the graffiti walls. To me, just looking at the art of other human beings is enough to inspire me to create my own. Even though I ran around like crazy and took pictures of almost every graffiti wall that I saw, I missed the most popular and colorful walls – just another reason for me to come back and stay forever.

FOUR – finding your center in the green center of Brighton – PAVILION GARDENS – To me, Brighton is the perfect city to live. In addition to all the special, artistic streets that are filled with unique shops and vegan goodness, nature is just almost as close. The pavilion gardens are the green heart of the city. You can just go there with a book to read, a blank paper to let that place in inspire you and create your own art as well, or just to become still and observe your surroundings peacefully. There are so many plants and flowers to see and you even can find a pond full of goldfishes when you go explore the garden for some time. The pretty palace of the garden is the Royal Pavilion – It’s definitely worth a visit and a picture since it’s known to be the most exotic palace of Europe.

FIVE – seeing the beauty by rising above – BRITISH AIRWAYS i360 – That tower will make you always find back to the Brighton heart when you will get lost in the surroundings. It’s a big observation tower and sunny weather will allow you to see all the beauty from above. I always saw the tower but in the end I didn’t visit it since I already was just so full of love and light on the ground. Next time I will definitely treat myself with that amazing view as well – no chance left behind if you can get any closer to the light of the sun.

SIX – enjoying fun times over the ocean – BRIGHTON PALACE PIER – One another attraction that turns Brighton into the unique city that it is. It’s a pier over the beautiful ocean (the ocean will always be the most perfect thing in the universe, don’t forget to spend plenty of your time in Brighton at the beach as well) where you can take crazy rollercoaster rides, play games of chance and enjoy churros, donuts, ice cream and all the other funfair kind of food. I wasn’t interested at all in the beginning. On my third day, I got curious, explored the pier by myself and fell in love with the playful appearance that makes up another piece of that wonderful place in the universe called Brighton.

SEVEN – take the natural cure called sand and saltwater – BRIGHTON BEACH – The most beautiful thing about Brighton to me, next to all the beautiful art, is that it’s right at the beach. I just spend so much time watching every wave, exploring the colorful beach huts and becoming friends with the prettiest seagulls I’ve ever seen. The ocean makes me so happy and there is nothing that makes me higher than running straight into it and diving into the wave. The ocean is the healthiest drug to rise above.

EIGHT – visit a special place for spirituality and community – BRIGHTON BANDSTANDS – If you walk ten or fifteen minutes from the Brighton Pier west, you will come across a beautiful pavilion right in front of the ocean. It’s a special place for meditation, weddings or music and it’s an amazing place to just set as your walking destination and then rest there while enjoying your being here on planet earth.

NINE – discover a hidden heaven on planet earth – WHITE CLIFFS – One of the most beautiful adventures of my life led me straight into a heaven on earth. I actually wanted to go for a morning walk to explore Rottingdean, a really special place that should have been a nice, a little bit longer than one hour, walk away from the heart of Brighton. After ninety minutes of thousands of unique steps and lovely soy latte breaks at the cutest café – the way came to an end. My curiosity drove me to take a look behind the cliffs and the wall that marked the end of the way. Behind the cliffs I discovered the most beautiful place and had one of the most magical experiences of my life (you can read my last blogpost for that story). I climbed over black rocks, observed breathtaking nature and danced around. Surprisingly, it was warm and sunny that morning. I smiled at the sun and it felt like the sun was only shining for me to have that magical experience full of love and light. If you want to visit that magical place as well, just walk into the direction of east from the Brighton Pier at the end of London. You will walk along the Brighton Marina in the beginning. I walked along the street that was the closest to the ocean in the beginning, then, after roughly 45 minutes of walking, I switched to a beautiful way just right next to the coast. If you follow it further, you will see the little café I mentioned. When you walk 30 minutes further east from that café, you will come to the end of the way right next to the ocean – and then – it’s time to become curious, climb over all the black and beautiful stones until you end up right in the middle in the heaven on earth.

TEN – explore an extra special place in nature – ROTTINGDEAN – While I end in the middle of a heaven made out of white cliffs, I skipped my actual adventure to Rottingdean instead. Next time I will visit the place for sure. It’s a special place in nature full of stones and green surroundings. To end up there instead of ending up at the white cliffs, all you need is to stay on the main road that is the closest to the coast and keep walking east there a little bit further.

ELEVEN – spend your time at the lovely harbor part of Brighton – BRIGHTON MARINA – No matter if you plan on visiting Rottingdean or the white cliffs, you will also walk along the Brighton marina anyway. Even though it’s easy to walk there, you can also take a little train along the beach that starts right in the heart of Brighton and takes you to the marina. The marina is some kind of harbor and basically the home of more than thousand yachts (but human beings live there as well). There are also a lot of vacation houses built over the ocean. It gives you a wonderful harbor feeling and there are tons of restaurants with the most beautiful view over the sea. The top level of the car park there is a secret for the best view over the Brighton marina and its stunning sunsets.

TWELVE – hike along the green and hilly meadows and forests – DEVILS DYKE – The videos I saw about that special place took my breath away. I actually planned on visiting that green place in nature on my last day there since you can get there by walking for two hours into direction west / north, or simply taking a bus. Then it rained so much that I stayed in a cute vegan friendly café instead and worked on cutting my first youtube video peacefully. I told myself that this wonderful place will still be there when I return. The scenery there is beautiful and it’s easy to let yourself get lost in the nature of hilly meadows and forest. On top of the biggest hill, you can treat yourself with ice-cream from an ice cream van (I am sure that they will have vegan options as well) or visit their pub if that’s more of your thing.

THIRTEEN – enjoy a breathtaking view while walking over fields and meadows along a river – CUCKMERE HAVEN – Another precious place in nature that is close to Brighton is the Cuckmere Haven. You can either walk there or get there with a bus. It’s amazing for long walks or runs. Just as the Devils Dake, it’s a green heart full of meadows and fields along a river where you can go kayaking as well.

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  1. 18. November 2018 / 18:35

    Wow, die Bilder sind fantastisch, die du aus Brighton mitgebracht hast. Vielen Dank für all die tollen Tipps. Werde bestimmt wieder mal nach Brighton reisen.
    Liebste Grüße,

  2. 19. November 2018 / 11:00

    Liebe Lea, ich will SOFORT einen Flug nach England buchen. Ich liiiiiebe Großbritannien, war schon so oft dort und die Sehnsucht ist immer da. Ich mag Brighton auch so gerne, es hat einfach so viele verschiedene Seiten. Die Lanes und all die süßen Cafés, das Brighton Pavillon und schon meint man sich in einer anderen Welt, der Strand, einfach alles. Ein ganz zauberhafter Post über diesen besonderen Ort. Ich wünsche dir eine ganz fantastische neue Woche, alles alles Liebe, x S.Mirli

  3. 19. November 2018 / 11:04

    Wunderschöne Eindrücke aus Brighton! 🙂
    Die Stadt möchte ich unbedingt auch mal besuchen. Eigentlich wollten wir bei unserem Besuch in London im August einen Tagestrip dorthin machen, aber das hat dann doch nicht geklappt. 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,
    Alina von

  4. 22. November 2018 / 11:31

    Das sieht ja echt traumhaft schön aus! Ich würde auch echt gern mal nach Brighton!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Lara
    22. November 2018 / 13:41

    Wow wie schön das alles aussieht! Werde mir den Beitrag gleich mal abspeichern, falls ich da auch mal hingehe 🙂
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  6. 23. November 2018 / 15:56

    Brighton und generell der Süden England stehen auf meiner Liste auch ziemlich weit oben. Gerade auch die weißen Klippen… hach ja, ich werde einfach nicht fertig mit dem Reisen. 😉

  7. 23. November 2018 / 18:04

    Liebe Lea,

    England steht schon so lange auf meiner Liste und dein Post bzw. deine Eindrücke machen noch mehr Lust darauf! Ich werde mir deinen Post gleich mal speichern.
    Vielen Dank für all die Eindrücke! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Lisa Marie

  8. 26. November 2018 / 07:22

    Wowww die Bilder und Tipps sind der Hammer – ich war mal vor ein paar KJahren dort aber nur für einen Tagesausflug. Definitiv Zeit mal wieder dorthin zurück zu kehren 🙂


  9. 30. November 2018 / 19:05

    Wow das sind so schöne Eindrücke, du machst mir total Lust auf Brighton. Da muss ich unbedingt mal hin 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Laura von Lauras Journal

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