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On this blog, I’ve already talked about my crazy love for yoga once before. The thing I love most about yoga is that bliss of feeling the true connection between body, mind and soul while flowing around on your mat. When I started to dive deeper into the practice of yoga, it showed me unconditional love for the creature that I am. Remembering that truth healed my relationship with exercising after years of working against my body instead of with it. For years, I was addicted to the rush of endorphins after spending hours in the gym. Excessive workouts were my solution to feel enough for myself, and, moreover, a great way to stay in control when life seemed to fall apart once again. This year transformed everything and yoga played a big role in that process. Instead of going to the gym, I now enjoy walks in nature, yoga classes at my studio, or just staying home and flowing in-between the progress of creating something wonderful. Since running is also a passion of mine, I also loved going for runs under the autumn leaves and I am happy to start doing that again when spring comes and it gets a bit more enjoyable to run outside – right now, I am just fine with daily winter walks in nature and my yoga flows. I choose to listen to my bodies cravings and just start when I feel like it again. All in one, Yoga made me find back to the natural flow of my life experience. I no longer force anything and I don’t feel guilty for not stepping into a Gym for almost six months now and choosing to do an exercise I truly enjoy instead. I can only suggest you to choose daily movement in the form of walks, stretching or yoga, or something else you enjoy doing to stay happy, healthy and always kind to your body. There is so much more to life when you choose to be enough for yourself, do what you really want and open the beautiful vessel that you actually are for ideas, emotions and inspirations to flow through you in order to create and manifest true and unconditional love.

The surprise is that yoga is actually so much more than the class you attend. Don’t get me wrong, the class itself is wonderful and can make you sink into the divine presence that you are – but there is more even more to that. Yoga adds value to your whole life, I often hear people saying that it’s a lifestyle – I agree. In the blissful state of mindfulness and appreciation you feel while and after doing yoga opens a whole new world, especially when you tend to live a life to absent minded achieve one meaningless thing after another in order to feel like you are enough at the end of the day. Yoga makes you remember the love, light and meaning of everything. Therefore, Yoga taught me to no longer do things to achieve a goal, but rather to do it for the presence and joy of the progress itself. I can’t even believe how much more creative I’ve become since practicing Yoga more regularly. I find myself more and more often treating everything about this life experience like the pure art that it ist. The way I drink my tea, the way I move my body through the forest on a cold winter day, the way I am currently brewing the coffee at Starbucks to make that money to attend a Yoga teacher training in January or the way I feel my fingertips writing these lines and looking out of the window afterwards – everything is art – It’s not about doing, it’s about being.

Maybe you are on kind of the same yoga journey as I am. Maybe you really enjoy your yoga classes and the feeling while closing your eyes and going within, trying out a new pose and the post yoga bliss after your practice. Maybe you can already feel the most powerful energy of unconditional love that it sets free and that there must be even more to it. Yoga is not divided from life – it is life itself. The love of yoga makes you remember makes you happy and free. Isn’t that what all of us human beings desire deep down? Let me tell you all the secrets how to let the love of yoga not only shine during the yoga class, but also practice it in every other, just as beautiful, part of your life.

ONE – the yoga of eating – If you choose to shine the love of yoga on to your relationship with food – things can be healed. Yoga provides you with a deep self trust to reconnect to yourself. Instead of following a certain diet, you can find the trust to choose self exploration. One day at a time, you can learn to distinguish cravings from your authentic appetites and to give your body the nourishment it thrives off, you can learn to bring the food you choose to eat into alignment with you are and who you wish to be, you can learn to eat for health and by doing so, treat your body as the precious temple it is instead of mindlessy misusing the pleasure of eating to compensate other parts of your life and punish yourself by doing so. I am currently on that road of healing my relationship with food deeply and forever by building trust into my natura natural self – so far, I have to say that I am enjoying the ride and I am beyond excited to which beautiful place this road of love will lead me.

TWO – the yoga of mindful working – Even the way you follow your daily work routine can be fueled by mindfulness. Do the things you love as much as possible. Even when you do simple things like answering mails, you can do them with love and presence. Reconnect to yourself and feel your fingers typing. Choose your words a little more mindful, take a little pause to listen to your breath or to your heartbeat, the two things that will always be there as long as you are experiencing life in this human body.

THREE – the yoga of fashion – When the love of yoga shines on to fashion, it says two things. On the one hand, you should dress in a way you just feel good and present in. On the other hand, you should honor the precious temple that your body is by mindfully choosing beautiful clothes or putting on magical jewelry that remind you of the divine love within. To me, the perfect balance out of these two aspects are a combination of good looking clothes that still are so comfy that you basically can work, do yoga and cook for the ones you love and of course yourself all in the same outfit. Peek and Cloppenburg offers a wonderful range of clothing pieces which allow you to feel good and comfy while looking amazing at the same time.

1 – simple grey shirt for everything, 2 – nike leggings perfect for yoga classes during cold winter times, 3 – comfy oversized hoodie to stay warm even after sweaty yoga classes

FOUR – the yoga of home – When I arrived in Australia, it didn’t took many days until I found my way to a yoga studio. While living the wild life of constantly moving around, it’s not always easy to feel home. When I think back of my wonderful time in Sydney, I think about the yoga studio in the first place. Yoga made me find everything I was looking for within myself, I remembered the true home within myself by attending all the countless yoga classes in that beautiful studio. It was magical and since then, I carry that deep into myself wherever I go.

FIVE – the yoga of creativity – Yoga inspired me a lot to create and express more of the creative soul that I am. Yoga is not only a divine, but also a creative practice and it always blows my mind how many amazing things you can do with your body. All the different poses and moves I make give me so many ideas and visions to turn into real life. Moreover, Yoga can make everything feel like art if you do it mindfully. You remember to play with life instead of constantly trying to achieve something to make you feel worthy. Every yoga pose is art, every photo you take, every picture you paint, every step you mindfully take, every single one of your heartbeats. Choose to look and see, and use yoga to reconnect to the true love of being alive and create your own, unique art out of that wonderful place of being.

SIX – the yoga of acceptance – Another important aspect of Yoga to me was definitely acceptance. I always felt like I had to constantly keep up with something in order to meet the requirements to fit into a certain lifestyle which I thought would be the only way for me to feel save and enough for myself. The lifestyle of yoga is not about any of that at all, but all about acceptance instead. Even if you don’t manage to go to a yoga class for weeks, you can still carry the love you once experienced during your class wherever you go. You also can always choose mindfulness to practice the love of yoga in every other part of your life for some time. And when you are back, yoga will always welcome you with open arms.

SEVEN – the yoga of opening up – It’s so easy to let outer circumstances close your heart. The love of yoga teaches you to open your heart to everything that your current experience of life on planet earth has to offer. There are so many poses to choose the love you need in order to open up again. After opening yourself up fully into that pose, you can let go and choose to open yourself up with joy and curiosity to everything that is.

EIGHT – the yoga of movement – During the day, we move our bodies through the world. You can choose to experience every way of moving your body full of mindfulness and love – as if it was the yoga practice itself. I often find myself putting a hand on my chest to feel my heartbeat when I am walking somewhere to reconnect with myself and appreciate the beauty of being alive. Struggling with an exercise addiction in past, I used to see movement as a form to force achieving something – it’s so wonderful to look back and realize how much I have transformed – these days, movement is all about mindfully creating art while being alive.

NINE – the yoga of kindness – The love of yoga includes kindness. Kindness for yourself, every other living being on the planet, the planet itself and the whole universe. The message is simple – spread kindness wherever you go. Kindness will heal yourself and therefore be a precious part of creating a new earth.

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  1. 22. Dezember 2018 / 11:34

    Wirklich ein interessantes Thema. Ich habe nämlich bisher noch nicht so wirklich Zugang zum Yoga gefunden. Also zumindest zum klassischen Sport… 😉

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