nine visions to turn into reality in two thousand nineteen

It’s been only a little more than 24 hours since I arrived back the airport in Hamburg after spending the first month of the year in a magical place in India called Rishikesh. I am still so grateful for choosing that special, first month of the year to become a yoga teacher – it simply makes up such a perfect start into creating one beautiful year of growth, art and love. Well, during that month, I did not only learn a lot about yoga and got my teacher certification – I also experienced an emotional rollercoaster ride, faced many challenges, spend the weekends exploring Rishikesh, turned my body into a piece of art by getting my first three tattoos, and most importantly, met wonderful human beings I will hopefully stay connected with until my last breath. This month in india taught me that you shouldn’t wait until something is perfect before doing something you want to do – be a little broken and have the courage to do it anyways – it will be worth it. While I was on a walk along the messy, Indian streets a few weeks ago, I also wrote down my main visions for 2019 – maybe you already know how much I love planning, setting intentions and then turning them into real life. Now, a few weeks later back in Hamburg, I finally feel ready to share these visions with you and get back into blogging again – with even more passion, love and creativity than I even did before.

ONE – grow my mind in a lot of different areas and read a lot of books next to studying – I want to live a fulfilling life – spending the time I’ve been gifted with mindfully – doing things that I love. One of my goals is to read a lot of books next to studying and keep growing my mind about all the things in this world that sparkle my interest. In January, I ended up already reading three books, yay. Then, I also ended up taking so many new books home with me from India – I can’t wait to read every single one of them and write down my learnings in another beautiful black notebook, called my lovely ‚book of growth‘.

TWO – stepping fully into art and creation – Life is definitely more fulfilling when you create. There are so many different art projects in my mind. I want to take as much time as possible this year to create art. I recently saw some lines on Instagram, written by Claire Michelle: She said that her goal is to create something every day – even though it is not perfect. Well, my issue is not that I want my art to be perfect, my thing is that I always want to feel perfect before I start creating something, therefore I want to remember that creating always makes me feel better and set myself up for creating one lovely thing every day. First, I want to get back into blogging with passion and make a creative business out of it that not only makes me happy, but also inspires other human beings to create a new earth of love by sharing the things I love, my learnings and my experiences on planet earth. I also want to open my own Etsy shop and start selling my own paintings, calendars, photography and mandala books. There are so many wonderful and unique ideas of mine dancing around inside of my being – I choose to turn them into real life right now. Moreover, I want to start writing books – many books. Words are the passion that makes my heart feel present and on fire. Blogging is wonderful, but I also want to take it a few steps further. There is this dream in my mind start writing my own vegan recipe book to inspire others to be kind to themselves, the planet and the animals and heal themselves mindfully through food. I also want to start writing short stories and a novel overflowing with my creative imagination. And at last, I want to dive a little deeper into photography this year. Since I am twelve years old, I love to take pictures of the present moment. I reminds me of how precious the now it, and how real it is. 2019 definitely will be a year filled with more lovely shootings.

THREE – let my intuition be my guide to experience the internal and external world – There is a voice whispering inside of me when I return to silence. I want to learn to listen to that voice of my inner being and trust my intuition. I have have been gifted with the power to stay curious and experience the world in my own, unique way. Learning to love my soul for exactly what it currently is and without trying to put any definitions onto it.

FOUR – choosing a mindful, intuive eating and healthy, vegan whole foods – My relationship hasn’t always been easy. I went from being anorexic to obsessed with only eating healthy foods and feeling guilty for enjoying a sugary or oily treat. In 2018, I ended up in another extreme – suffering from a binge eating disorder. Food was an addiction for me and I just couldn’t stop anymore. I ended up gaining 12 kilos in less than three months. While I was breaking down in front of the mirror in October 2018, I decided that I have the power within to heal this disorder as well and finally make peace with food. I decided to do my best to eat to heal, not to hurt myself. Since then, my journey has been a rollercoaster – mainly going upward, even though I still find myself falling back into old habits when my human emotions overwhelm me once again. I try to not feel too bad for it, forgive myself, and, instead of binging, turn my emotions into beautiful art. Now after coming home from India, I want to use my last weeks in Hamburg to make the experience of a ten day cleanse to reset my body and then after, choose to eat healthy vegan whole foods mindfully and intuitively – hopefully for the rest of my life.

FIVE – socialize and share my message with the world – Iwant to get my message out there. Therefore, 2019 will be my first year of spreading kindness, art, love and light wherever I go, doing my best to inspire others to love themselves and create a new earth of love as well.

SIX – healing my family and forgiving them – I want to forgive my parents for the mistakes they’ve done out of their own unawareness and show them that there is actually so much love and light in this world by spreading it myself. Even if I cannot change them, I can love them as the parents my soul chose to experience and learn something very important from.

SEVEN – learn to fall in love with every single one of my human emotions – I am a messy human being full of different emotions. I want to to let go of expectations how I should feel in certain situations and instead – just embrace every thought and feeling that flows through my body. They are all okay, no matter how uncomfortable they made me feel in the past. I want to be okay with every emotion that I feel, and instead of rejecting it, loving it as a part of my human experience and turning it into the most beautiful art.

EIGHT – opening the next chapter of my life – 2019 will also be a year of more big changes. I will literally open the next chapter of my life by moving to Munich and starting to study psychology. Right now, I am staying in Hamburg for two more weeks before it’s time to take a train to the other side of Germany and find my first, beautiful apartment – I am so grateful for this opportunity of being able to study something I am so passionate about and learning to live completely on my own in another, beautiful city at the same time, especially after calling Hamburg my home for 18 years.

NINE – keep healing myself with inner work, stick to mindful eating, yoga, meditation and as much love and care as possible – There are so many things stuck within me that need to heal. That’s completely fine and I do not have to rush my healing. Nevertheless, I want to listen to my intuition and look at and heal the things that are meant to heal this year. I want to get into the routine of meditating every morning and other different routines that support the inner work I want to do. I want to do yoga regularly, live an active lifestyle for both my mental and physical health, enjoy a vegan whole foods diet made with love and include different self love and self care rituals that remind me of allowing to overflow with endless emotions and thoughts of love towards myself every single day.


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